4 newest bottom wear essentials for summer!

Not just Delhiites, but every Indian in almost all parts of the country would relate to this : the heat is killing us. Summers are here and in full frenzy! Despite those very brief and abrupt showers we experience, they only add to the humidity and make us feel so sweaty and uncomfortable.

Now, jeans are fashion essentials. They’re versatile and most women wear them when they’re going out. They go well with all sorts of tops and tunics and are easy to get.

Whether skinny or flared bell-bottoms, denim isn’t an airy fabric that lets your skin breathe. It sticks to your skin and well, need I say more on how it isn’t a viable option to bank on when your sweat glands are working overtime?

Hence, this summer, move over jeans! Presenting these super trendy, new-on-the-ramp, comfortable AND affordable lowers than can give jeans a run for their money!

I. Palazzos : it is a popular misconception that palazzos can only be styled in an Indian, ethnic outfit. This is a false notion and on the contrary, palazzos are super modern and chic. They score 100/100 in terms of comfort, let your legs breathe, and also give the illusion of longer legs.

These yellow palazzos from Vajor are so summer-y and stylish. Pair it with a crisp white formal shirt, with ruffles if you wanna take it a notch higher, and make an effortless style statement in office. Click here to check them out!


#Protip: ALWAYS make sure that your top is well fitted or cropped. Since palazzos are flowing and loose, you need a tight upper body item to enhance your silhouette. (you can also see how pair Palazzos here)

II. Skorts: Most people don’t know about these, but they’re the coolest trend this season. Really. Skort is actually a mixture of skirt + shorts! Essentially, they’re a 2 – in -1 item, with the appeal of a skirt and the comfort of a pair of shorts. From the front, it resembles a skirt, while the structure within and the back view is that of shorts. This is the newest trend nowadays and can be styled without any hassle.

Though online options are limited, go to Forever 21’s outlet and you’ll find gorgeous ones. Nevertheless , here’s one piece that I liked. It’s in the classic colour of white and can be worn with any basic camisole/tee/tunic, the options are endless. Click here to buy!


III. Cigarette pants : Don’t get scared by the name 😛 These pants are so named because they resemble a cigarette : they’re cylindrical. Well they could’ve named them tube/cylinder pants, but where’s the fun in that?

Anyway. These are the perfect substitutes for jeans if you want something that does the same job as the latter without suffocating your legs. Cigarette pants come in the most flattering fabrics which are so soft on your skin and keep your legs aerated. I personally feel that they’re a season must-have owing to their versatile nature and comfort appeal. They look super sexy too and can literally be worn with everything. From a kurta to a basic camisole, just every thing goes with a cigarette pants.

This monochromic pair is one that caught my fancy. It looks so classy and can be worn on formal and casual occasions both! Click here to check it out!


You can checkout How to pair these here….

IV. Midi skirt : They’re a 90s rage that have stormed back into the fashion scene. Midi skirts are pleated from the front and have a very sophisticated flare too. So they’re feminine, but not frilly or over the top. You can dress them up or down as the occasion demands.

This gorgeous print just stole my heart. Really. The beautiful flower print on a navy blue background is so pretty looking and can be the showstopper at any event if styled aptly. Wear it with a plain coloured crop top, or tuck in a well fitted shirt (plain coloured though) and voila! You’re good to go! Check out this beauty here !


See more on midi skirt here…


Do let me know which one’s your favourite.




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