Get the brow game on: Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper review in brown

Hello everyone,

How are you all? How was your weekend? The amazing weather on Saturday made my day 🙂 Resting on my testing table for quite some time is Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper. I have dark brows which are not too thick but are dense so I never felt the need to use any brow product. But Cara Delevingne and closer to home Alia Bhatt have made fluffy full eye brows a rage. All the videos that I see on Youtube focus on eye brows. Thicker eyebrows make you look younger and bring more innocence and simplicity on face. So, when I saw this product at Maybelline counter, I thought I would give it a try!


Product description
Now it’s time to make your eyebrows a part of your eye makeup routine for an enhanced and finished look. Eyebrows will now be precise till the tail as with Maybelline New York’s first ever eyebrow pencil. The Fashion Brow Pencil is an all-in-one pen for your eyebrow that gives you the sharpness of a 0.2mm micro lead fixing pencil and the softness of filling natural mineral powder. It is the ultimate duo shaper that gives you ultra-soft precision for perfectly defined eyebrows up to 12 hours. It fixes gaps and blends seamlessly for smooth, stunning brows.
Here’s why you will love it:
– Available in two variants, Brown and Grey
– Duo shaper with a natural mineral powder finish
– 0.2mm micro lead tip pencil
– Double ended eyebrow pencil
– Perfectly defined eyebrows up to 12 hours
– Price: Rs 245/-

The eyebrow shaper comes in black plastic tube which looks durable. It has two sides, a retractable pencil with black cap and other a soft sponge applicator with mineral powder with brown cap. It comes with a plastic cover with all the information which goes away once you throw away the cover. The pencil is convenient to carry for travel.


My Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper review
Maybelline has always been able to come up with good quality products at reasonable price and this time is no different. The product gives a nice fluffy look to eyebrows that look natural. With this, one does not need another brow product. The pencil is not highly pigmented which is a plus in my opinion as it helps building up the shape. Two-three swipes are needed to get full color so I had full control over how dark I want to go. Overdone eye brows look stark and unnatural. I like using light strokes to define shape and then use the sponge applicator to fill in gaps. The pencil is quite dry and hence does not stick to hair and lasts all day. It does change the way you look. It makes your eyebrows look well groomed and they frame the face better. You need to however, experiment to see what shape suits it best.

It comes in two shades, brown and grey. I have opted for brown. The brown is kind of ashy brown so it matched my eyebrows. Although it seems that color selection is not great but I think it will suit most people. As a rule, black pencil or powder should never be used even if you have black eyebrows. Black color looks very dark and fake which is unflattering. Hence, if you have very black eyebrows and jet black hair then go for grey, else brown.






Rating: 5/5
It’s a great product for eye brows at a reasonable price. Do give it a try and get your brow game one!

Do you like broad and fluffy eyebrows or you prefer sharp ones? Do share in comments below 🙂



  1. After many years maybelline has launched a brow product in India. Thank god there were not many options earlier compared to western world where there are still an array of products available. Thanks for sharing!


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