Forever 21 Love and beauty Makeup Blender Sponge Duo Review: Beauty blender dupe?

Hello girl,

Today I am going to review a product that is considered a dupe for the best cosmetic innovation, the beauty blender. I had bought the original beauty blender in Australia for INR 1200 pretty cheap considering in India it costs twice as much!). But before I could write its review, it got molds (ewww) don’t know how, maybe because sponges are used damp? Anyhoo, I didn’t had the heart to splurge on another beauty blender so as soon as I saw the Forever 21 duo makeup sponge for Rs 469 I picked it up 🙂

The packaging is a little silver pack with one black drop shaped sponge (just like beauty blender) and a second small similar shaped sponge attached to a brush wand. The packaging is not reusable.


Forever 21 Love and beauty Makeup Blender Sponge Duo Review
My first impression of the sponge is that it is quite dense. When I put under tap water, it increased in size but it felt quite heavy. I also realized that it is not completely porous. I could still feel a core of the sponge that was hard. I was starting to feel disappointed with my purchase. But next day when I cleaned it, the heaviness went away. It became very soft and blended my foundation and concealer like a charm. The technique is to take foundation on back of your hand (or dot it across face), and then use blender in stamping motion for a flawless coverage. Use in swiping motion if you like medium coverage or if you would like to sheer it out.


The small blender was something new to me. But I loved how it gave me more control because of its size. I liked it better for blending my cream concealer. It is so convenient to blend thick foundations or concealers with beauty sponges that I cannot go back to brushes now (I can only reconsider if someone gifts me the gorgeous Artis brushes ;))


Is Forever 21 blender sponge a beauty blender dupe?

Well not absolutely but it is very-very close. Considering the price point, Forever 21 has done a great job at making a sponge that does work! It blends well and gives a flawless look. At this price, I can also not worry about the damage. Considering that a beauty blender requires to be replaced every 3 months, it is quite an economical replacement and not a bad one.

Highly recommend this sponge for everyone. It’s worth the money and a great way to introduce blending sponges in to your makeup routine.

Rating: 5/5
Do try out this sponge and let me know your experience.

Thanks a lot for reading!



  1. Well written post.I love makeup sponges but Beauty Blender is hell to expensive for a makeup sponge.I will definitely be picking up this one as it seems a pretty decent one.Thanks for the review sweety.


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