Retro look with plunging top and pencil skirt: Birthday celebration

Hello everyone!

This week is full of festivities and the air is filled with excited chatter of near and dear ones. Add the two long weekends on both ends, and work becomes a distant memory 🙂 What can be better than this? Birthday falling right in that time 😛 I celebrated gaining yet another year of experience last weekend.

With every year, I feel I have not only become more mature but also more accepting. As you grow older, you realize that you spend less time with friends and more with family. You also realize that YOU have to take charge of your own happiness without relying solely on others. Nothing makes me happier than to try out different fashion trends and put my own personal spin on it. So this birthday I decided to gift myself a new sassy retro look! This style is inspired by 70s; when the red color was the color of choice of all fashionistas in that era, curls were loved big time, winged eye liner was indispensable and the look was classic and clean!

For this look, I searched through my wardrobe, but there was no piece in there that would go with the look. So I turned to my trusty favorite site, RENT IT BAE 🙂 I found this glamorous runway top, which was Red (of course :P), with a neckline that I could play with. It can be off-shoulder, one shoulder or just plunging! To stick true to the image (and because I know like two hairstyles: P), I curled my hair.

As the top had so much going on, I paired it with a simple black pencil skirt and pumps. A leather sleek clutch by Tory Burch (another gem from RIB) completed my birthday look. I was ready for my dinner date!







Do you like this retro look? Which is your favorite era in fashion? Let me know in comments below!


::Outfit details::

Top: RIB (click here)

Skirt: Zara

Bag: Tory Burch, RIB (click here)

Watch: Michael Kors, RIB (click here)



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