Canvas Champs review | Memories on canvas

I love getting memories framed! The idea of cherishibg best moments for life is beautiful. It brings a smile on my face instantly. It had become more so important in the digital media age where pictures has place only in icloud and albums are a passe!

Canvas on wall

The traditional way of getting pictures framed with glass is not only cumbersome but quite impractical at times also. In such situations, canvas pictures come to rescue 🙂 I came across this Canvas Champs, while searching for a quick and cheap way of getting a picture framed. It was a pleasant surprise that how quick and easy it was. I just mailed them my picture and it was delivered at my doorstep two days later 🙂

My thoughts on Canvas Champ

Its a novel way to get your favorite pictures on wall. Its hand made, light weight and easy on pocket too. It looks sleek and neat as the edges are an extension of your picture only. I think this is specially good for making collage of many pictures together on the wall. As they don’t have framed edges they will be a refreshing change.

However, you have to keep in mind that this is canvas paper and hence picture will look slightly pixelated when looking from close. Also, since its not covered by any protection, life of the picture may be an issue.


The only thing that I did not like was the back of the picture. Its stapled which makes it look like job done in haste and it would have been great if the black looked as clean as front.

Do try out this unique way of decorating your walls! Its also a great gift for your loved ones 🙂 let me know what do you think in comments below!

Love, Shruti


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