5 High Fiber Fruits With Fitness BenefitsWe all are aware of the benefits of eating lots of fruits. They give us vitamins, other nutrients and keep us healthy. But there is also specific quality in fruits which makes them far more special and that is most of them are high in fiber. These high fiber fruits when consumed help our body in many ways as fiber is important for many processes in our body. It is recommended that an average adult male takes about 35 grams and average adult females take about 25 grams of fiber in their diet daily.

Benefits Of High Fiber Fruits For Fitness

  • Keeps our digestion smooth – The insoluble fiber contained in the fruits helps to provide roughage. It is actually not digested and acts as substance which will make your food move in your intestine keeping your bowel movements smooth.
  • Avoids constipation – The fiber in fruits doesn’t absorb water and doesn’t allow your stool to become hard. This nature of fiber prevents constipation and proves helpful especially for people who have frequent constipation problems.
  • Good for diabetics – This is an important aspect of high fiber foods and proves beneficial for high sugar patients. Fiber in our diet give more bulk to the food we have eaten thus decreasing the surface area for absorption of nutrients including sugar or carbohydrates. This results slower absorption of sugars and your blood sugar slowly increases and doesn’t shoot up. It always recommended that diabetics should have high fiber diet and also eat fruits which don’t affect blood sugar.
  • Prevents cancer – Studies have shown that diet high in fiber helps to prevent cancer related to gastro-intestinal track. Colon cancer is a common type of cancer observed in people whose diet in imbalanced and contains less fiber. Fiber avoids hemorrhoids and thus the constant inflammation resulting from it and further prevents cancer.
  • Keeps your heart healthy – Some research has shown that fiber helps in keeping your heart healthy. This is done as it is helpful in keeping your blood cholesterol low this avoid plaques in the coronary artery which results in blockage.

Below is the list of high fiber fruits which have good amount of insoluble fiber in them. It should also be noted that you can get fiber not only from fruits but also from vegetables and other food stuffs.

High Fiber Fruits With Nutritional Their Facts

  • Apple – We all know the saying that apple keeps the doctor or physician away. This saying is not wrong as apple contains many nutrients including fiber. One medium sized apple with skin contains about 4.4 grams of fiber. And not only this, but apple also has heart benefits. It is recommended that you eat apple with its red skin. Apple’s skin has flavonoids which are thought to be very good for heart.
  • Figs– They are delicious to eat and also contain about 15 grams of fiber in one normal cup of dried figs. Apart from this, they are known to control high blood pressure. Both fresh and dried figs are helpful and have good amount of insoluble fiber with some soluble fiber too.
  • Berries – Berries such as raspberry and blackberry are thought to contain good amount of fiber with other nutrients too. Raspberry has about 8.2 grams and blackberry about 7.5 grams of fiber per cup. Berries also contain some amount of omega 6 fatty acids which is beneficial for heart. They also help to keep your skin, bones and blood sugar levels healthy.
  • Pears – They also has about 9 grams of fiber per medium sized fruit with omega 6 fatty acids known healthy for heart. Pears should be eaten with skin to get maximum fiber.
  • Bananas – Bananas also do have good amount of fiber in them. They have about 3.5 grams of fiber per medium sized banana. They are easy to eat and also contain other nutrients such as potassium. This is an important nutrient because our salt consumption leads to disturbed sodium to potassium ratio. Consumption of potassium fixes this and leads to maintained blood pressures, healthy heart and healthy nerve cells.

Apart from above high fiber fruits, there are many good sources of fiber including other fruits such as oranges, guava and sapodilla (chikoo).


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