Choosing the right clothes for workout

Okay girls, lets admit! That we LOVE clothes. So much so that even when its comes to exercising, we want to be prepared in the best possible attire 😉 But, for this category, more than trends one needs to focus on the comfort. Wearing a tight fabric and doing a heavy workout can cause havoc on one’s body and not the forget the risk of ripping (ahem ahem). Not all clothes are correct for every workout. You must choose what to wear according to the workout you are going For!

General guidelines to keep in mind…

Many women are concerned about exposing during the work out in which case cover completely with the right attire during your workout to avoid any kind of distractions. Also wearing a too tight dress can be uncomfortable as while stretching arms, squatting it might tear. Wearing cotton dresses might be comfy as they absorb the sweat fast and easily, but on the other hand, once it gets wet the dress gets heavier and make you feel uncomfortable with the dampness, skin irritation and makes you stop your workout. In this case synthetic or polyester materials are more suitable as they keep you chilled in summer and in winter they can keep you warm enough.

Don’t ignore the footwear…

Footwear also needs some attention in this regard. Wearing the right kind of shoe is important as for dance floor not all shoes are comfortable, same can be said for the cycling. While many women obsess over Christian Louboutins crystal embellished pumps or Tori Brush’s flats, the passion doesn’t quite seem to cross over into the workout shoe realm. Perhaps, its because workout shoes aren’t as sexy as heels, but shoes and sneakers also deserve some love as they can be worn outside the gym too. Don’t trust us? Click here to find out 🙂

For women, wearing the right inner wear is also very important. Wearing a good quality sports bra is imperative as it protects the ligaments and tissues of the chest from excessive stretching and making it sag. Breast soreness can be avoided when the right sports bra is selected. There are again varieties available for heavy cardio and low impact workouts. Choose wisely based on the size.

Workout and Fitness clothing ideas for women

So here’s the dress code and shoes ideas  for various workouts 🙂


  • In case of jogging or walking wear something light weight. Clothes such as tank tops, shorts that can aerate you quickly will be comfortable. A sports bra is a must to support your chest. For running or walking, good shoes is a must to make you keep going! Nike air relentless shoe would be perfect as its super lightweight and perfect for running, jogging or even walking.



  • For cycling wearing tight attire is the best. Baggy capris pants can also suit. For training or cyling the best shoes to choose is Nike Air max era which would look super cool and is also available in four different color options to choose from.



  • In case of yoga, based on the type yoga one practices dress can be chosen accordingly. Tight bottoms with a considerably loose top with light colors make it apt for any kind of yoga. Most yoga workouts are performed without any footwear. But if you need one, go for a flexi sole where in you can bend your feet if required.

workout 3


  • For dance workout, wear fitted clothes in flexible fabric which will not restrict your moves. For shoes you can wear any training shoes which would be comfortable and light on your feet. The key here would be the grip of shoes to avoid slipping/tripping. Nike Free Tr 6 training shoes would be a perfect shoes to look for.


Hope these tips are helpful for you to choose your workout clothes wisely while keeping it cool and stylish at the same time.

Do let us know in the comment section below what workouts do you indulge in to stay fit and what type of clothes do you like to wear while working out.

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