Beat the heat: swimming!

There are a lot of ways to beat the scorching heat, but swimming is definitely the most effective. The way those waves splash amongst your face, is so refreshing. Dive into the pool full of water, and feel cool all over! Other than beating the summer blues, swimming is beneficial in the following ways too –

  • Excellent way to lose weight and stay fit.
  • Builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Tones and enhances muscle strength.

Nowadays, all cities have swimming pool facilities. But you need more things other than just the pool to be absolutely equipped next time you hit one!

In a nutshell, these are the things you need knowledge about :
i. A swimming costume and other apparel
ii. Skincare
iii. A swimming pool (duh 😛 )
Let’s tackle them one by one.

I. A proper swimming costume, is an absolute necessity. Despite that, a lot of people don’t know which type of costume to wear. Yes ladies, there are so many types of costumes, as per your body type. After all, to be fit, dressing in a comfortable manner ensures maximum result.
Here are different types of costumes:

i. One pieces: These are the most popular ones. They provide ample support, and are ideal for women who don’t want to show too much skin. While the torso is usually the same, the lowers can vary: shorts, skirts, bikini bottom-ish, etc.
Check out these links to get an idea –


This is the most typical one piece option. Comfortable, and body flattering at the same time.



this is the newest rage : a one piece bikini! Perfect if you want to don a bikini without having to showoff all of your tummy. Check this out at Stalkbuylove!

ii. Bikinis: all of us are familiar with these. If you want to flaunt your perfectly chiseled, toned body, go for a bikini! It looks super sexy, and is available in so many colours and prints.


iii. Tankini: If you are sporty chic girl, this one is for you! This is a two-piece swimsuit with an upper top which could be in shape of a tank top, tube top or halter and a bottom piece which could be like bikini bottom or shorts or a skirt.


Those were the three major types of swim costumes that are easily available in the offline/online market and suit almost all body types.

II. Skincare : Swimming in a pool comes with it’s share of skin matters. The water contains chlorine which can dry up your skin and hair.

For more information on what to wear while working out, click here.

Before a swim it’s advisable to take a quick shower and rinse your hair. This is only because dry hair will absorb chlorine water much easily and hence stepping into the pool with wet hair can prevent that from happening.

The chemicals in pool water can dull as well as darken your skin. Do apply a good SPF sunscreen on your body when going for a swim. Try the L’oreal Paris sunscreen for excellent coverage as it has an SPF 50!

Post swim, use a good body wash to restore your body of it’s moisture. I use and recommend Avocado body wash from FabIndia or Body Shop rose flower gel.

PRO TIP: You’ll need a good, sturdy, waterproof bag to carry your costume and other paraphernalia like goggles, ear clips etc. Any gym bag that’s waterproof will do the job.


III. The place. So you need a place to swim don’t you? Delhi offers a lot of pools with reasonable membership fees, like the Siri fort complex, New friends colony’s Friends swimming academy and so on. Find a pool that’s near you!

So what are you waiting for ?  Dive!

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