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As the 2015 gets closer to its end, I thought that why not do a recap of top fashion trends that we witnessed this year! Now you might be thinking the futility of this post as the year has already gone by? But my dear girls, you will notice once you go through these trends; that they are here to stay. In case you don’t know, this is my first year as fashion blogger and I have been very diligent my friends. Throughout the year I have tried to showcase these trends in wearable format, so this will also be a recap of my posts in the last year 😀 You can click on the pictures to read full post on each trend. Without further ado let’s begin 🙂

  1. Denim jumpsuits or denim on denim

This trend has been the most accepted one! From celebs to street, it was loved and embraced by all. (You can read more on this trend here). Everything denim is quite in vogue, be it skirts, jackets, dresses or even jumpsuits. It’s a great transitional piece that can be worn comfortably during autumn and spring.

1_Denim jumpsuit

  1. Plaids or tartan

Plaids or tartan also made a comeback and the favorite being black and red amongst all brands. Its casual, its chic…you can dress it up (with pencil skirt as I have done) or dress down.


  1. Off-shoulder top

This is one tricky trend which requires just the right touch of show and hide 😉 Wear it with fedora and shorts and look like a bomb.


  1. Fringe bucket bag

Almost all high end designer labels came out with their versions of Bucket bags and fringe bags. The popularity is still soaring as both are appealing in terms of style and utility. And then came the fringe bucket bag giving best of both worlds! Black and camel colors were the two favorites among fashionistas.


  1. Gladiators

When I was in Australia, I was surprised to find every girl (literally each one of them) wearing gladiators (shorter version). They wore it in flats, bellies, stilettoes, wedges and block heels. Needless to add I bought one too 😀 (you will see short version on blog soon).


  1. Capes

I love to style this trend. It’s totally up my alley. It looks graceful and elegant and very feminine. This looks good in jackets, dresses and full length gowns (a la Daenerys Targaryen)! I recently worn a jumpsuit with cape sleeves which was a fresh take on the trend.


  1. Palazzo or wide-legged pants (Indian or western)

Indian fashionistas have shown love particularly to this trend J It’s flattering on all shapes and sizes and suits all ages. This is one trend in the list that my mom and mom-in-law both have embraced. This trend is so versatile and can be worn in Indian or western style.


  1. Crop top

Crop tops is one cool casual trend that college goers have loved the most! it looks great with skirts, jeans, and wide-legged pants. It also looks great in Indian wear paired with a full ghagra or pleated skirt.

Maxi skirt 1a


  1. Lace

Lace dresses made a comeback a couple of years ago and are still creating waves. Making a women feel more feminine and stylish….it is bound to stay 🙂


  1. Nautical Stripes

Stripes were big this year. The more different and asymmetrical, the better!


Click on the picture to read the full post. Hope you have enjoyed sharing this fashion journey with me as much as I did 🙂 Do’t forget to mention your favorite fashion trend of 2015 in comments below.

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