Tips to buy watch online | Buy watches online like a pro

No outfit in my opinion is complete without a watch! Whether you go for a bold big one or a classic dainty watch, it reflects your personality. Everyone should have at least one classic time less piece in their collection that they can always fall back upon! But with our busy lives and numerous styles available these days, the most convenient way is to buy watches online 😉 It can be however a little tricky, so here are some tips to buy a watch online:

  1. Learn about classic watch styles

If you are clueless about which kind of watch you want, then a good starting point is learning about the popular classic designs that have stood the test of time. Browse the popular designs from high end watch makers such as Rolex, Breitling, Ulysse Nardin, Omega etc. to get a fair idea what to look for (even if it’s not in your budget). Trends usually start with high end brand and then trickle down.

  1. Metal v/s Leather strap

These days watches come in all possible colors. If you are going for a metallic watch, see what you would like to wear on a daily basis; gold, steel or the latest rose gold. If you are in doubt, go for a stainless steel watch that never goes out of fashion. It makes a statement and looks elegant. The newest addition to this has been ceramic. Many brands have come up with ceramic plus metal straps which look super stylish.

If heavy metal straps are not your thing, you can always opt for straps. A tan colored leather strap with rose gold dial is my fav these days 🙂

  1. Smart v/s analog classic

Smart watches have taken the watch enthusiasts by surprise. If you are tech savvy, then this one is a no brainer (as if smart phone wasn’t enough :P). But I would like to mention that these do come in stylish designs. I love how bold and stylish they look!

  1. Indian v/s International

I know how we all love watches by International watch makers, Indian brands are also catching up in terms of design and style. While Titan Raga is a favorite among Indian women, the titan watches for men are not far behind. With their smart watch collection, they have accomplished yet another milestone!

  1. Shape and color of dial

I find this decision to be most difficult coz there is no limit to it. Black, white, blue and mother of pearl are classic options while you can go for vibrant shades of orange, purple, hot pink if you are in mood to experiment.

Once you have zeroed in on all of them, just put these filters on online portal and invest in a watch that best represent you J Remember, you will be looking at this piece frequently so own it and feel it!


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