Know all about lace fabric dresses

Hello everyone! Lace dresses have been around for a while now, but still not going anywhere. From Hollywood to Bollywood, actresses are adorning this trend and so should you! Lace dresses are universally flattering and comes in a variety of forms.

Lace dress fabrics are flexible, hence you can find all kinds of silhouettes in them. From wrap dresses to sheath, to maxi dress, you can choose your pick. the important thing to remember though is the fabric should be of good quality to fall on body better. The sheerness of lace fabric allows to play with it. You can be conservative or sexy in this fabric which is a favourite of brides too ☺️ Lace was first developed in 15th century but became popular in late 16th century. It is now often made with cotton thread and also sometimes with gold and silver threads. Though Lace fabric can be found in various types, French lace fabric, cotton lace, Lyon or embroidered lace. There is also a huge price range at which this fabric is available. You can always find something for your style and budget.

To help you find your perfect dress, I am going to give you my favourite illustrations:

White lace body con dress

White lace has always been my favourite and when I saw this body con dress with sheer sleeves, I couldn’t resist buying it. I love this dress as I can dress it up or down as I like! It hugs in the right places and looks chic. As it is luxe look, I paired it with classic gold and black accessories. For details of this dress, click here.

Chrissy Tiegen Golden Globe dress

Chrissy Tiegen may have astonished everyone at the red carpet by sitting on steps, her dress didn’t disappoint either. A beautiful golden lace dress with embellishments, dress looked stunning. With a backless and peplum style upper, this is one style to stand out.

Source: Glamour

Anushka Sharma in Harry met Sejal

if you are in college, you should definitely try this casual look with lace dress. Anushka looked cute in a short red lace dress with a leather jacket and over the knee boots. The style looked effortless yet stylish.

Source: Pinterest

Sheer lace sleeve style

Lace dresses are a favourite month royals too. This style is so elegant that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle both own a similar lace dress by Diane Von Furstenberg. While Kate wore a full length version in black, Meghan’s dress was dark blue and knee length. Either way, it looks classy in my opinion.

Source: People

Lace bridal dress

Lace has always been a favourite among brides when it comes to their wedding ensemble. The dreaminess and softness of lace fabric allure them. Almost every collection on bridal runways in 2017 had at least one dress in layered lace.

Source: Brides

Its suffice to say that lace is the most versatile fabric. You can wear it to college or even to your wedding ?!Its favourite of not only royalty but at the red carpet too. I hope you have selected your favourite style. Don’t forget to tell me in comments below! I would love to hear from you guys 🙂




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