10 tips to get best pictures for Instagram!

Hello! Okay, so this post is gonna be a change from the usual fashion related posts we have. This one’s gonna be about one social media that most of us are obsessed with : Instagram! Yes, Instagram has moved from being an elite- only app when it was only on Apple to being one of the most popular apps. It’s easily available on operating systems and is a beautiful haven to share photographs. Insta gives you a platform to showcase your photos using the square format and hashtagging skills. These photographs may range from being just another selfie to #foodporn to the latest fashion blogger trends to every other category in this universe! Irrespective of whether you’re Kendall Jenner with billions of followers or someone like me with 300, maintaining an insta account is creative business!

So I think broadly, there are 2 kinds of posts, selfies and everything else 😛 Here are some tips to get your posts right!

For Selfies :

I. Your face = centre of attention


Source : www.medicaldaily.com

The whole point of a selfie is to highlight your face. And by focal point, we mean it should be the only limelight in the image. So irrespective of whether your face is in the right, left, bottom or centre, it needs to be the only subject in the picture. Avoid taking selfies with backgrounds that have a lot of commotion, like a crowd of random people or shops or, you get the vibe right? The best selfies are those with close to solid backgrounds as all the attention is towards your face and that’s what fetches you maximum likes 😛

2. Edit, but beware!


Source : www.weknowyourdreams.com

We know that the many filters and editing tools on Insta make for our best beauty hacks, but overly edited pictures look shabby. NO matter how many #nofilter tags you put, an edited picture can’t be hidden 😛 Avoid using colour altering filters but Basic fixes like brightness and contrast are alright. It’s the age where the world is moving towards natural and crude pictures, with so many movements telling women and men to love themselves the way they are. So give a break to editing and post pictures in your raw form to garner all the love!

For example, the above photo is the unedited one whilst the below one is the unnecesarily edited one. Make your choice 😛

3. Angle, angle, my dear friend!


Source : www.professionalbabe.com

It’s practically impossible to be looking your best while clicking a selfie. You may have been out for 6 hours, in warm sun and then a random selfie needs to be clicked for memory (aka Instagram) purposes right? Here’s when angle becomes so important. Tilting your head at the right angle makes your face look much prettier than the state it is in. and, the right angle highlights your cheekbones and brings forward that perfect smile, giving off a totally adorable vibe! Usually, click a selfie by keeping your phone slightly above the eye level and tilt it a little.

4. Sunlight is your bestfriend

4                                                                        Source : www.twistmagazine.com

Sunlight > ALL filters. I mean that. Trust me, no amount of makeup or filters can make your skin look as radiant as a picture in natural sun can. The sun’s golden rays perfectly light up your skin and make your hair look the perfect black-brown shade. SO the next time you see an open window, do take the sun’s assistance and click click click 😛

For #Foodporn posts

(Seeing how we tend to first click photos of our food before eating it, it seemed prudent to include this section)

5. Top shot!

5                                                                  Source : www.pixgrove.blogspot.com

For most food posts,  a top angle is the best one because it shows all the vibrant colours  and shows the plating in the most efficient  manner. Mostly restaurants have inconsistent lighting so do increase the exposure and contrast of these food pictures. Add the perfect hashtag and youre good to go! #foodgasm #foodisbae

6. That scenic shot!


Source : www.3rootsstudios.com

Seeing how all of us have #wanderlust, we leave no stone unturned getting pictures of the view around is, be it at Amsterdam or Amritsar or the orchard of Aam trees 😛 It’s a myth that flash should be used only in dim light, use flash option even in normal outdoor lighting (Unless it’s too sunny). Flash makes sure that all unnecessary lighting hindrances are taken care of and the picture has balanced highlights.

7. Look for puddles after the rain!


Source : www.fotoblur.com

It is interesting to click photos off water. While it rarely rains in Delhi, when it does, do use it to your fullest. A simple sky shot can look so much more sophisticated when looked at from the reflection off a puddle!

8. Use your hashtags and captions well.

Hashtag on chalkboard
Source : www.educolor.org

Ah, this is cardinal sin most people commit. Gone are the days when you could pair photos with absolutely unrelated captions and hashtags, so the next time you add a “Life is a game” to a random pout selfie, think twice. It’s much more appealing to add captions that are witty, relevant and charming at the same time 😛 Try to contextualise the photo in the caption and make the most out of the post!

PS – Source of feature image : www.followerinsta.com

Hope the tips help.




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