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Ten Common Fashion Faux Pas


Hi Ladies!

I hope it’s not getting too much of me, with a third post this week. Today, I am here to have a little chat with you girls about the Most Common Fashion Mistakes that we all are guilty of making in the past and laughed at (only in our hearts, lol). But as is rightly said, we learn from mistakes. I have listed for you the fashion faux pas we definitely need to avoid‘Faux Pas’ was a word I learned from my Business Communication Professor at my MBA Institute. And it was then I came to know the meaning of this French word. A social blunder is not just a mistake, its not only unsightly to people’s eyes, but also gives a bad fame as lasts in everyone’s memory as a breach of etiquette. Fashion is an art and is subjective, but there’s a little science element added to it: Some Strict No-No’s!

So here is the comprehensive list of things that you must not follow at all 😛 After all being different is not so fashionable in the world’s eyes!

  1. Going Overboard with Accessories

Too much of jewelry or too many accessories won’t do you good! Imagine a bride wearing all the jewelry she bought at her wedding!  Excess of everything is bad, and too much accessories make you look and feel heavy. Also, it takes the focus away from the outfit and more importantly from YOU 🙂 The key is to define how much is too much?( Remember Bappi Lahari? Or just google for reference). Less is better for reasons both functional and decorative. Its also important to think according to your body type and height. For instance, if you are petite and wearing huge jewelry, you are definitely going to look like a child playing dress-up game. Either wear a neckpiece, or a scarf or a headgear.

1 Overboard Accessories


  1. Wearing a size Smaller than yours

We all simply love to fit in an XS size, but we must not try hard to fit by just somehow getting into it. Working out and dieting should rather be the way to go. Showing your bulges or beer belly can never be fashionable.Take it as a rule! Wear your own size, be it your briefs, dresses, denims or shoes. A smaller size might look like you’ve borrowed or stolen. Buying smaller clothes for weight loss motivation is an interesting idea, but wear them only once you’ve shed it! Wearing wrong size is undoubtedly uncomfortable as well as sassy. A bigger size in anticipation of weight gain or older over sized dresses doesn’t look fashionable either.

2. smaller size faux pas


  1. Mixing Wrong Prints

Mixing prints with neutral colors has been easy, but matching two or three prints in an outfit can be tough. Too much of animal print has been on top of the list when we talk about Common fashion faux pas. I remember being over obsessed with leopard printieety and wearing too much myself (before I was a fashion blogger…thankfully I landed up here!). I own every variety of clothing and accessory in this print (scarf, tunic, maxi, top, shirt, pants, footwear, sarong, clutch etc.) Best way to mix prints is to use the same print in smaller or larger scale, or the same print in different fabric or colors. Let one print dominate. Simpler prints like plaids, graphics and stripes are easier to mix.

3.mixing prints


  1. Don’t block colors, Color Blocking is a thing!

Choose right shades from the color palette for an outfit. Wear the color that makes you feel happy. Using tones from the same color family gives a harmony to the outfit. If you often worry before matching colors, refer the Color Wheel. It helps to mix colors of different tones. Mismatching colors on clothing, footwear or even make-up is a clash. Like red and green never go together, nor does pink and mauve . While the basic colors are the foundation of your closet, do keep some bright as well as earthy tones to keep a balance.

4. Color blocking mistake


  1. Socks and Pumps

Socks and pumps are a no-no, and most of us wouldn’t have done this mistake. Socks go best with shoes, boots or sneakers. But I rarely like flaunting my socks. Still, if you wish to wear socks with your sandals due to the chill in the air try to pair it right. Prefer the closed footwear. A few designers have been trying this on the ramp. And avoid wearing white socks.

Socks and pumps


  1. Chipped Nails

Chipped nails and nail paints is not only a faux pas but also unhealthy and unsightly. If you had no time, and thought that no one is going to notice your nails, you’re absolutely wrong. Well manicured nails look smart and with the sudden influx of nail spas around, nail arts, and permanent gel paints have made it more important as well as easier to maintain beautiful nails. Probably being without a nail paint is better than a chipped one! Put a quick top coat of a similar color tone while in the car to avoid this shame. And in the long term moisturize and take care of your nails as much as other body parts.

Chipped nails


  1. Not-so-clean shoes

Dirty can never be fashionable! Shoes is the last thing we usually put on when we dress-up and go, so might wear them as we left them the last time. Unpolished shoes only look tacky! And please admit it. The best idea is to clean and keep your footwear back in the box, or prior prepare your shoes along with the outfit whenever going out.

Dirty Shoes


  1. Being a Brand’s poster girl

Wearing everything from top to toe from the same brand might reflect some discount setting at the store, and you might be flooded for help from friends whenever they go shopping. And ultimately your favorite brand also becomes your friend’s. So mix brands in an outfit, like all other elements, unless and until you are going to be featured on the poster and they are going to pay you hugely!

8 too much brand


  1. Kiddish Footwear

I remember purchasing a fish shaped red slippers from a flea market a while back. I never wore it, and have preserved it for my daughter. But lately I realized it to be a waste to her when she is big enough to fit into it. Kiddish looks cute only on kids. Lots of butterflies or Barbie prints are meant for toddlers. Even teen-age girls start drifting away from them themselves. So I find it to be a big blunder if we do it at this age!

Kiddish footwear


  1. Leggings and Pants are different

One must possess a pair of legging, tights, pants and denim each, and they must be worn at right occasions. Your legs might look unshapely if you chose an inappropriate bottom. Again leggings and pants must fit right for a decent outfit. Leggings go with tunics or kurtas, but look imperfect with shirts or dresses.

10 inapropriate leggings

This was all that tops my lists of Fashion mistakes. Whats yours? What all out of those from the above seem trendy to you? How you chose color combinations while getting ready for a day out? Do you like mixing prints or prefer keeping it simple with neutral shades? Do leave your comments below. We will love to have your feedback.

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂



Happy Birthday to me | electric blue cape dress



Hello everyone!
How was your extended weekend? Mine was extra special becozzzzze (drum rolls here pls :P) it was my birthday!!

It started off on an amazing note. Just before midnight of 13th I was in a depressing mood as it was the first time when I would not be with my parents on my birthday at the strike of 12 pm. But I was to be in a shock as the door bell just rang and my parents were there to surprise me 😀

Next day the doting husband took a day off to be with me and I was set for a day full of pampering. We went for lunch at The Manor at Indian Accents. It was a treat that I had never experienced before! The fusion meals were amazing,presentation an art and the staff so courteous. Then we had dinner with the family at the Dhaba (Claridges). A late night drive watching the lights at the president’s house ended a perfect day on a perfect note.

For my birthday outfit, I chose a dress that was formal for the restaurants and playful at the same time to reflect my mood. It’s a fitted dress with an attached Poncho/Cape. I love the silhouette of this dress and how it hugs the body and hides some just at the right places 😉 The electric blue color brings freshness. I kept the look simple with just earrings and watch (which is my birthday gift by the way in case you were wondering what did I get 😉 ).









And how can I forget! Belated HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!


Some more birthday and weekend pics that we shared on Instagram

Enchanting views of the president house



Innovative presentation at The Manor…


Late night caffeine fix…

I have recently started new Instagram account shruti_fashionmuses so don’t forget to follow me here and let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you guys!

Shruti Chawla

Photography by Akshay Chawla

::Outfit Details::

Dress: Kasrr
Wallet: Betsy Johnson (available at Steve Madden stores)
Accesories: Watch, Rado; Diamond Earrings, a leading Delhi-based Jeweler

Happy Monsoon! Happy Teej!


Hi everyone!

Monsoon Magic is keeping us all happy and I hope you are all doing well! With the extended weekend with the Independence Day falling on Saturday and Teej on Monday, there is a fervor or joy all around me. All my friends and family, as they say, are busy planning small vacations, a house parties, or Teej dinners. The mood is restful and joyous. After a couple of outfit posts on Teej (Ethnic wear) Click here and here , I have gathered for you three top picks for some essentials this Teej. Check them out!

Must-haves for a Teej Function

Teej is celebrated in North and Western India to welcome Monsoons, particularly by the girls and womenfolk. Goddess Parvati is worshipped by the married women for marital bliss and harmony. The first Teej of an Indian bride is however special. Many different rituals are followed is different communities. However, the essence remains the same. It’s about joy and color! A special Teej function is usually organized for the newlywed couple. Three top essentials for such a function are:

1. Swing: A swing decorated with flowers is a must for any Teej function. A swing (‘jhoola’) is hung in open corridors for women to gather around, sing, dance and enjoy. In this ‘selfie’ times, it’s also a good prop to click pictures. Do call a professional photographer if you want to capture these beautiful moments. Couple pictures come out pretty in Indian attires and flowers all around.

swing teej

Swing collage

2. Singers and Dancers: Do arrange for some folk singers and dancers to add the fun. Keep some dandia sticks handy, and play Garba among friends and family.


Folk singer

3. Bangle and Mehndi Stalls: Teej, as I said is about praying for marital bliss, Bangles-seller and Henna art will add to the activities for the guests.

Bangles stall

bangle stall

Teej Gift Hampers

On this occasion Mother-in-law presents traditional gifts to her daughter-in-law which is called ‘Sindhara’. ‘Ghewar’ is the traditional sweet distributed and eaten during this season. Ethnic clothes, sindoor, henna, bangles and Ghewar all form a part of this gift package to pamper the girl. Top three gift hampers and the source are given below:

teej gift

ghewar packing

packing tray

All trousseau packing shops and florists can help you with such arrangements. Also you can find suck gift packing companies in the lifestyle exhibitions.

Ghewar Shops

The best Ghewar is town can be found at these three stores:

1. ChainaRam: This Sindhi sweet shop in Old Delhi is famous for its Ghewar. It is said, during the Teej season, they give only 1 kg to each person. There are huge queues lined up outside the store.


2. Haldiram: My all-time favorite, and easily accessible, Haldiram makes Ghewar in three varieties: Kesar, Malai and Kaju cream. They make beautiful packages and hampers for gifting purpose. And you easily get as much quantity as you want.


3. LMB: The ghewar in Jaipur’s ( Johari Bazaar) at Laxmi Mishthan Bhandaar (LMB) is world famous. It is said that even US ex-President Bill Clinton tasted and carried a pack home. Ghewar can be found at numerous places in the city, but this shop’s delicacy is undoubtedly special.



Get some art of God Krishna, Radha on the swing, flowers, or Shivlinga made through the Henna art. My personal favorite is Kundan Mehndi. Don’t forget to book at least a week in advance for such festivals. Top three designs I liked are:

Mehndi 1

Kundan mehndi

teej mehndi

Teej Mela

In small towns and villages huge fairs were organized on Teej. Keeping the spirit alive, are the Lifestyle Exhibitions cum Fairs held in big hotels and grounds in the city. Try visiting one on the Top Three on the list!

1.  Delhi Teej Festival 2015 to be held at the Delhi Haat, Pitampura, from 14th to the 16th August.

2. Teej Rakhi Mela in Dilli Haat, Janakpuri, from 15th to the 18th August.

3. The Milano Queen – Life & Style Exhibition from 17th -18th August at Hotel Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon.

Floral Jewelry

The newlywed bride is adorned with beautiful jewelry made of natural flowers in different colors, you can also pre-decide and get it done in shades matching your outfit. Do for a floral necklace, hand cuffs, ear hangings, waist belt and the most important head-gear (or maang-tikka). You can order at a nearby Ferns and Petals store and they customize according to your choice and deliver at your doorstep. Some celebs also have been spotted in real flower jewelry for their Mehndi ceremony at the time of their wedding. The three best floral jewelry designs I liked are below:

Celebs Floral jewelry

Foral jewelry

What to Wear for Teej

The most important question for us girls (eewww)! Everything else becomes less important when this question comes to our mind (Isn’t it?)! Don’t forget to check out our OOTD ideas to help you here and here. I picked my three favorite Indian outfits for the occasion. Do let us know what you like to wear for the Teej Function?

Teej what to wear

  1. Mallika Jain (Fashion Capsule fame) wearing  Voiix by Saiba and Maneet. Fashion Capsule is a Lifestyle Exhibition to be held next on October 17th at The Grand,New Delhi.
  2. Reema Arora wearing SumSum Bajaj. Reema Arora organizes Eventique Concepts, another lifestyle exhibition that was last held on the 5th of August.
  3. Mallika Jain again sporting Voiix by Saiba and Maneet. To check out our post on Fashion capsule success party click here.

This is all from my side. Do let us know your suggestions and personal choice regard Teej essentials. #Fashionmuses whenever you post your pictures in outfit for this Teej.

Wishing you all Happy Monsoon and Happy Teej! Have fun and enjoy the festival to the fullest. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!



P.S: Pictures are sourced from Personal Teej functions and Facebook.

Red and cream kurti with gold palazzo for Teej



We are back with another outfit inspiration for festivals this month. Radhika gave detailed information about Teej in her last post here. Festivals in India are all about celebrating life with your friends and family and bring a breath of fresh air to our busy mechanical lives. But where is the fun for girls without getting dressed up 😛 (I am a personal style blogger, you can’t blame me for bringing it up :D)

Festivals are the perfect time to flaunt your Indian wardrobe. Colorful ensembles such as Anarkalis, sarees, lehengas flood the market lifting up the mood around. While I prefer western attire on most days, on festivals Indian is what I go for. Teej melas are being hosted around the city. I went to Dilli Haat to buy mirrored jholas and some cool jewelry to go with my outfits this festive season. Teej is an important festival for married women so I had to incorporate Red in my outfit. It’s amazing how a simple bindi, earrings and bangles can change your whole look.

On Teej, girls conventionally wear Sarees or lehengas. But I wanted to keep my attire practical and functional. Hence, the choice of Kurti and Palazzo. After anarkalis, palazzos have made their way into Indian fashion scene and are here to stay. Inspired by Pakistani silhouettes, one can choose from straight or flared ones. Usually, straight palazzo looks better on girls with short height while flare looks better on the ones who are tall. I paired a slightly flared palazzo with straight cream colored Kurti with red highlighting. I love detailing on clothes, so you can see that this dress had me hooked when I laid eyes on it. The work is subtle with a gorgeous net see through neckline. There is also interesting embroidery work on the palazzo that peeks out when I walk 🙂

On one of these rare occasions, I go for gold and red makeup as well tying the whole look together. Adding a pair of Golden heels and clutch, and I am ready to brace the occasion!

Here’s my OOTD for Teej









What do you think of this subtle yet totally Indian look? What do you like to wear on festivals? Don’t forget to share and tag us #fashionmuses to let us know 🙂

Stay tuned for more on festivities this week. Radhika has painstakingly curated a list of mehndi walas, sweet shops and other must haves for this teej.



Photography credits Akshit Tagra


::Outfit details::

Kurti: Mini Singh (available at multiple outlets across the country)
Palazzo: env (available at multiple outlets across the country)
Shoes and clutch: Blue Parrot
Accessories: Earrings and bangles, thrifted; Ring, leading Delhi-based jeweler

Flower it up this TEEJ!


Hi Guys!

Its raining lifestyle exhibitions in Delhi since the last week, and will continue till the month end. The reason is the festivity time centered on women; yes I am talking about Teej and Rakshabandhan, where the first one is solely meant for women while the second one celebrates the brother-sister bond. Both of these occasions fall in the auspicious month of ‘Saavan’(or Monsoon) in the Hindu calendar. If you miss out on any of the exhibitions, theres one for you to be held at a nearby hotel tomorrow as well! Besides socializing, women love to pick apparels, footwear, jewelry both real and artificial, home décor items and other knick-knacks from the stalls under one roof. Remember, we covered the after-success party of one of these shows called Fashion Capsule by Mallika Jain. Click here to go back to the post.  This week, our posts will be focused on Teej celebrations and our OOTD will be what we actually intend to wear on Teej.

Teej is celebrated among the Hindus to celebrate the arrival of monsoon, and is dedicated to Goddess Parvati wherein girls and women fast seeking blessings for marital bliss. Womenfolk enjoy swings often decorated with flowers, sing, dance on traditional music, dress in beautiful ethnic attire, wear new bangles, adorn themselves with jewelry and apply mehendi or henna tattoo on this occasion. ‘Ghewar’ and ‘Feni’ are special Indian sweets prepared in this season. Newlywed girls visit their parents and return gifts for their in-laws and spouse.

My OOTD is a powder pink floral print flare tunic. I tried pairing it with a lemon palazzo before wearing it with a matching legging, but I felt the flare to be too much. I like this tunic from the Vasansi Jaipur since it is loose and comfortable, and the color tones make you look pretty. I added few more Indian touches to the tunic with floral yellow bangles and a yellow beaded neckline and a bindi. ndi What is missing in this look is mehndi…yes…I always go for pretty mehendi designs with swings and ‘Krishanji’. Do check out some relevant Henna designs in my next post.


teej tunic

teej tunic 1


teej tunic

teej tunic 2

The Accessories:

teej accessories

teej bangles

heels footwear

I found some nice floral print tunics from the same store as mine, for you to buy if you are the lazy types and hate surfing exhibitions during this auspicious monsoon month that is consequently also full of traffic on the roads. Check them out:

teej tunics

  1. Aqua cotton Suit with floral print.
  2. Red Leheriya straight cut tunic with patch work along the neckline.
  3. Cream Raw silk palazzo set which comes with printed designer kurta and a plain palazzo pant.
  4. Green Kota Silk tunic with a patchwork of the waistline that looks like a belt.

Do you like wearing ethnic Indian attire on festivals? How do you celebrate teej in your community and family? Do let us know through the section below. Also #Fashionmuses when you wear your Teej outfits.

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Monsoons! And Happy Teej! 🙂



::Outfit details::

Tunic: Vasansi Jaipur

Lycra legging: Old

Footwear: Heels

Accessories: Sunglasses: Roberto Cavalli; Bangles: Monu Bhai Churiwala; Watch: Dior; Neckline: Thrifted; Aumkara bracelet: JewelsLane


My Birthday Outfit


Hi guys!

How have you been? On popular demand you will be able to see us more often now. We will be posting an additional feature each week, but what we crave for is your response in terms on your feedback that will help us do better, and do exactly what our reader base likes!

My post today is about the peplum trend that is flooding the markets. Peplum is a ruffle attached around the waist, be it on the top wear, dress or the skirt.

As I talked about in my last post this Thursday, I am here today with my OOBD…Yesss…Outfit Of my BirthDay! I wore a Color Block Peplum top in shades of orange, white and black with a black high waist skinny jegging. I bought this top from a Delhi Lifestyle exhibition called Jalsa held at The Grand last month. The fun about this top is its fabric that is soo rich and stands out. It is crop from left side, and peplum from the right. So one can wear it with a pencil skirt, a skater skirt or a pair of skinny denim. Since a couple of years peplum skirts, peplum jackets have been also in vogue apart from the peplum tops. The best part of this silhouette is that it helps the pear-shaped body types to look slimmer as the fatter portions get hidden behind the flares of the peplum. You could also add a metal belt to the peplum top in contrasting color. This feminine detailing accentuates the look.

I carried a small Armani bag in black and orange tones. I paired my off-white stilettos with the outfit. And orange lips complement the look. We went to Varq at the Taj Mahal Hotel for a family dinner. They did a special Gulab Jamun Cheese cake from their side for the celebration. It was yumm, and it was beautiful being a mix of Indian and western flavor. We also did a sufi night party on the birthday eve at Shalom for a bunch of family and friends and it was fun and I was loaded with gifts, flowers and pampering (the best part!). I also posted some pictures from my birthday bash!


peplum top

peplum color block

peplum top 2

venus footwear

Armani clutch

peplum top 3

The way I was pampered!

Birthday flowers

Pictures from the Shalom’s Sufi Night!

Birthday party


How do you like my peplum pairing? Do you prefer wearing peplum dresses, tops or skirts? How do you wear this silhouette for your body type? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Pintrest for our daily updates. Do #Fashionmuses in your favorite peplum look.

Thank you so much for reading! And thanks for all the birthday wishes and blessings. They truly made my day special. 🙂


::Outfit details::

Top: Divarose by Simran Aggarwal, (you can order for a customized similar to by emailing at, also find some cool peplum tops here, and here.

Jegging: Zara

Footwear: Venus Steps

Bag: Emporio Armani

Sunglasses: Prada

Outfit at Shalom Sufi Night

Black crop Top: Koovs

Pencil Skirt: Zara

Footwear: Burberry

Bag: Michael Kors

Happy Friendships Day


‘It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can be stupid with them.’

Happy Friendships Day all!

Hi friends!

How is the weekend going for all of you? With the Friendships Day today, all must be having some cool plans to catch up with your old and current buddies from school, college or workplace! Friends form an integral part in our lives, and thus the origin of this day! Like all other west-influenced ‘Days’ that we have begun to celebrate here in India, Friendships Day is seemed to be created and over-hyped by the Gifting companies like Archies and Hallmark who have found reasons to sell their products. But like the Valentines’ I believe that if this day makes you feel special and happy, it is a good enough reason to celebrate it! What do you say? Bollywood movies like ‘Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai’ made the day popular when we were in school. We as kids bought friendship bands in varied designs influenced by SRK. We related this day with greeting cards, little Archies gifts and cool bands as much as we related it to our friends! 🙂

When talking of Friendship, I miss my school and college days the most! The best part being the fact that the history of this blog’s origin dates back to our college days…Yes! Shruti and I share this bond called ‘Friendship’ since we were graduating! We met through a common friend, Nikita, whom we tried to convince for a special Friendship’s Day LBD shoot! As we celebrate this day together, I feel nostalgic writing about a few of our memories from those lovely days, and these pictures refresh them all! Distances and busy work schedules have been the culprit all these years, but the feel of this special day is such, we manage to find time for each other and rejoice!

At Hansraj College, those three dear years of our Economics Honors were super fun. The LP (Lover’s Point, as they call it at Hansraj!) was the best place to locate us. Bunking classes, and sitting at this point was the most refreshing part. Those gossips, noodles from the canteen, super-fast assignment completion, teaching each other during exams…Oh my God! Seems it was just a few days back! We spent hours chit-chatting on phone even after spending eight hours together in college! Especially during exams, we used to be conferencing and passing time! We fought over small reasons but quickly made up and laughed our hearts out! We were amongst the front benchers…the studious kinds…and professors’ favorites as well. We shopped for long hours in K Nags, and Tom Uncle was our favorite eating point like that of the most DU students.  Also we often wore matching outfits, in terms of color or style and clicked numerous pictures and those sessions were super-long and super-fun! We usually gathered at my place for getting ready for all parties be it the fresher’s or the farewell. And guess what, we did the same this week. We planned a meet-up at Shruti’s place this time, with matching LBD’s and helped each other with make-up, still on with our never-ending gossips. The results are here for you to see.

Little Black Dress is a wardrobe essential, and the ‘rule of fashion’ says every girl must own at least one LBD that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Each one of us has a favourite LBD which we all like to pair differently. The versatile, long-lasting, in neutral color that makes you look slimmer, and easily accessible and affordable LBD’s are here to stay till eternity. We picked up our favorite LBD’s for this colorful and joyful day! Find some nice LBD’s here, here and here.

Our OOTD in LBD:


friendships day 3


friendships day 5

Friendships day 2

Friendships day 1

Friends selfie

Rads Shruti LBD

shruti niks


shruti LBD

Radhika LBD

This post however, will be incomplete without the our college pic 😛


Don’t forget to check out the Archies online shopping portal for the best personalized gifts for your BFF. They also have some nice gift hampers designed for the day. My personal favorite is this one!

Which is your favorite LBD? How do you pair you black dresses? Which color tomes you accessorize with when wearing black? Do comments in the section below. Also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest for our daily updates. Do #Fashionmuses #LBD and post your pictures in the LBD’s you find the best! We would love to hear from you.

Thanks a lot for reading!

Happy Friendships’ Day once again! Have a great, great Day!


::Outfit details::


Dress: Nothing to wear by Ashima and Kanika

Footwear: Bangkok

Watch: Anne Klein


Dress: Van Heusen

Footwear: Blue Parrot

Accessories: Neckpiece, Latin Quarters; Watch, Espirit


Lace Dress:Temptation


Accessories: Neckpiece, Forever New


Going classic for after success party of Fashion capsule


Going classic: Little white dress and red lips

Hello everyone!
How was your weekend? If you follow us on Instagram, you probably know that Radhika and I attended the after success party of Fashion Capsule hosted by the famous Astrologer, Jai Madan and Fashion Capsule fame Mallika Jain at Kempenski Ambience Hotel. Awards were conferred to honor Women entrepreneurs in the field of fashion. It was a great experience connecting with like-minded people and the hosts were truly amazing! They both are very sweet and made everyone comfortable. Check out the photos below (you don’t wanna miss the drool-worthy outfits of Mallika and Jai)


LWD 10



As for my OOTD, I chose a little white dress (LWD) for the afternoon event. To enhance the look of my dress, I accessorized it with a statement necklace. Keeping it classic, I paired it with black shoes and black and gold bag. Red lips completed my look 😉







PS: You can check Radhika’s outfit here.
Do you prefer to wear your Little white dress? Do let us know in comments below.

Thanks a lot for reading!

::Outfit Details::

Mallika Jain
Dress: Tanieya Khanuja
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Jai Madan
Dress: Ajiesh Oberoi
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Bottega Veneta

Dress: Zara
Bag: Dune London
Shoes: Emerald (Blue Parrot)
Accessories: Sunglasses: Tom Ford; Necklace: London Market; Rings: Forever New

Like Mother Like Daughter


Mother’s Day Special!

Love is in the air this weekend! Yes, this time it is Love for your Mama <3 We are all ready to pamper our Moms this Mother’s Day and also be pampered as Moms from our little ones (and in turn their Dads)!

Being a Mom to a year old baby girl, I all the more realize how special this day is! I expect to be pampered and treated extra special on this day. For me the day also calls for a celebration for the most important ladies in my life – My Mom who bought me up, and My Mom-in-Law who raised her little boy to be the Man of my Dreams!

I did this OOTD with Aishvi (who also inspired me to blog!), my little babe. Both of us are sporting a Brit feminine polo t-shirt in stretch pique cotton. To keep the look simple, I chose black denim for myself and a black skirt for her. Girls are automatically designed in a way by the Almighty that they love everything girly! Any day my girl prefers her skirts over shorts or denims!

As per my outfit, I wore the super-comfortable and in-trend Espadrilles (I also call them Beachers) available easily on most footwear boutiques. My Watch- Ulysse Nardin– is so special! My dear Hubby came up with asuprise on my First Mother’s day (yes, when I was still expecting!). He wowed me with the brunch, flowers, the customized cupcakes and this timepiece as my First gift as a Mom! Truly Memorable and Priceless! Such moments gave me the strength to brave pregnancy, childbirth and countless sleepless nights as a new Mama!

Here are some pictures of the Mommy-Daughter Duo!

Mothers day 1

mothers day

mothers day 3

mothers day 2

Here’s a closer look at my OOTD

mothers day 5

mothers day 6

mothers day 8

Since the day I have been married, it is double the fun shopping for two Moms every Mother’s Day! And believe you me, Moms are certainly the easiest persons on the planet to shop for. They will love every little token you get! Flowers, cards, cakes, personalized tokens are all wonderful, but its still hard to find a perfect gift worthy of The Most Important Lady. In the fast and convenient era of Online Shopping, I googled and pulled together some of my favorite Mothers day gift ideas to help inspire you. Discounts never harm! So a few best deals are listed below:

  1. Archies has been the best gifting solution since our childhood days. Since the inception of its online portal, social expression has become all the more convenient. Check out some cool greeting cards, personalized surprises and gift hampers here.
  2. Natural and Organic beauty products are the best gifts for the beauty-conscious Mom’s. You can form a hamper of 3 products from Body shop and get a flat 20% off! (offer valid till Mother’s Day).
  3. Pick a pair of comfortable yet trendy footwear from Bata, The Mother’sDay Special offer gets you a Flat 20% off + 10% Cash Back on Bata Ladies Handbags using Mobikwik Wallet.
  4. Please the fashionista in every Mama with trending tops at Koovs , fashion sale at Myntra  (enjoy 20% off on Rs.1599 and above, Coupon Code: SHOP20) , cool stuff at Jabong  (Additional 25% off on Rs. 1999 & above, Coupon Code: STYLE25), or some Funky Handbags @ 60-80% off at Fashionara.
  5. Try some lucrative deals at Groupon. (Coupon Code:LOVEUMOM, valid till Mother’s Day).
  6. Limeroad features some best Mother’s Day deals with gifting solutions for Moms of all age gropus: The Sassy 20s Mum, the 30s Yummy Mummy, the 40s MA and the 50s beautiful Mum! Your Mum called and is waiting for her Mother’s Day gift! So hurry up…


::Outfit Details::

T-shirt: Burberry Brit

Jeans: Zara

Footwear (Espadrilles): Tory Burch, Find some similar ones here, here and here .

Clutch: The Pout

Accessories: Watch: Ulysse Nardin, Bracelets: thrifted


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