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A gem from the land of gods and goddesses: Jewellery designer Shivangini Singh


“Costume jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them beautiful”

-Coco Chanel

Jewellery is integral to a woman and it gives me immense joy to introduce Shivangini Singh, first woman from Himachal Pradesh to complete higher diploma in Jewellery Designing and Manufacturing. In a country where choosing a career path different from medical or engineering is still not received well, having a passion for jewellery designing 15 years back is something commendable.

Shivangini’s journey to success has not been short. Shivangini had her working stint in Intergold India Pvt. Limited as an intern. She was still eager to learn more and to have a global perspective of her field; she did a course from the US, Basics in Online Selling from FIT, New York. Ever since then, she has been working for Export Houses. She also has experience of US, Canada, and Middle East markets.



Her designs are inspired by nature with her forte being Floral designs. Her designs are for all occasions all ages. She makes intricate pieces as well as traditional jewellery. She likes to bring a fusion in her designs so the designs are more wearable. On popular demand by her clients, she launched her silver line last year so that her designs are affordable. The jewellery is made by same Karigars who make gold and diamond jewellery so clients get the best quality at affordable price. In times where fashion changes every day, it does not make sense to spend huge amount of money on precious jewellery that will more in your locker than on you! Woman today need jewellery that not only goes well with Indian but western wear too and it is here that you need Shivangini’s jewellery in your life 🙂 Her designs have urban touch that looks good everything.




In a span of just one year, she has serviced more than 3,000 happy clients. This comes as no surprise as her customers have 70,000 designs to choose from! She also supply to boutique owners in Calcutta, Dubai and Bangalore. Here are some of her best sellers… Checkout more in her collection on her Facebook page It’s YOUR Jewellery Connect.







My favourite in her collections is Victorian collection that you will see on the blog soon. So stay tuned!

Do let me know which one of her signature piece is your favorite?


Get in touch with Shivangini Singh

Mobile: 09873535802

Facebook: It’s YOUR Jewellery Connect



10 skin and hair care tips for Holi


10 skin and hair care tips for Holi

Hello everyone!

Finally a long weekend is here and one of most awaited festival Holi 😀 This festival brings out the child in each one of us. The joy of playing with colors and water is incomparable. But this festival also plays havoc on your skin and hair. Don’t forget to prep your skin and hair and also care for them after Holi so that you can play to heart’s content 🙂


1. Oil your hair and body
Liberally oil your hair and body with coconut oil. For face, you can also use a thick cream like Boro Plus. The idea is to create a barrier for color to prevent reaching your skin. Yes, you may not like it but trust me you will prefer it over going to office with a pink nose/ear for a week 😛

2. Tie your hair
To prevent damage to hair, tie the hair. Make a cute braid or a low knot bun. Wet hair are weak and hence, gets entangles and break easily.

3. Use a sunscreen liberally
Apply a sunscreen generously before stepping into sun. Don’t forget areas such as feet, back of neck and ear as these are areas generally neglected. Make sure that sunscreen is waterproof.

4. Wear cotton clothes
In all probability, you will be wet for a long time so choose cotton clothes that are breathable. If possible, wear something with full sleeves that will prevent color to harm the skin.

5. Apply nail paints
Apply nailpaint to prevent stains on your nails. Nails retain stain for long duration so its important to protect them.

6. Stay hydrated
Playing holi for long duration in broad sunlight can make you feel hydrated. Keep a bottle handy and keep sipping water to stay.


7. Wash off colors immediately
As soon as you are done playing Holi, don’t get lazy and head to shower straight away. It’s better to brush off dry colors first with hands so coz they will be difficult to remove once wet.

8. Avoid harsh soaps
Many people use harsh soaps to get rid of colors but that can harm the skin. The skin is already exposed to chemicals due to colors and may become worse with soaps that irritate skin. First wash off colors with lukewarm water then gently try to wipe off the remaining with glycerin based soap.

9. Moisturize skin
Moisturize skin well after shower. You can also use oil if skin is dry. This will hydrate the skin and will prevent any dryness or itching.
10. Keep anti-allergy medicines handy
Despite precautions, some people may have allergic reaction to colors. It’s advisable to keep anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory medicines handy for such cases. If problem persists, one must visit the doctor.
In the end, if something does not go your way, then just say “Buran a maano holi hai” 😀

Hope you all have a great holi and enjoy!!

How to dress up according to your body shape: Part II Pear shape


How to dress up according to your body shape: Part II Pear shape

Hello everyone,

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2016, I am doing a series on “How to dress up according to your body shape”. You can read Part I here, about styling tips for skinny girls. This week, it’s about a pear shaped body. It is one of the most common body shapes for women. If you want to determine whether you have a pear shaped body type, just see if widest part of your body is below waist (either hips or thighs). You can be skinny, heavy, short or tall and yet be a pear shaped. I too have a pear shaped body and that too a very evident one! I would include instances of posts where I have followed these tips too.

As lower part looks wider than shoulder, the key is to create a balance look. Attention needs to be drawn towards top while taking the focus away from bottom.

Bring focus on top

Wear prints
Printed tops and details accentuate top part. However, prints should be avoided from the bottom. Jeans or skirt needs to be of just one color.



Scarfs and ruffled tops
Scarfs look sophisticated and stylish. The concentration of fabric over neck makes the look more balanced.



calf-length dress 2

Dresses with fitted bust line
Search for dresses that have elongated silhouette. Tunics that are fitted till bust line also helps in camouflaging other parts while accentuating arms and upper body. Empire waist or wrap dresses are best suited for this body type.




Experimental necklines and off-shoulder style
Typically, pear-shaped girls have smaller bust and hence, can be experimental with plunging necklines. Off-shoulder tops and dresses that show off narrow shoulders also look great.



Take attention away from bottom

Wear dark colored bottoms
Dark colors have a slimming effect. I too have a pear shaped body and so even though I love white denims, I don’t tend to pick them often coz of the very fact that I look heavier on bottom. Dark blue or black will be the best pick.



Clean tailored lines on bottoms
Bottoms that have straight line fit hides curvy areas and make them look leaner.



Wear straight and pencil skirts
Pencil skirts and straight skirts make legs looks slimmer and longer. It brings more shape to the hip and thigh area.




Anarkali suits
Since anarkali suits are flared from waist, they hide the lower body well and give a slim look. No wonder, it’s a favorite among Indian girls since long 🙂



Follow these simple rules to make the best of your body and show it some love this Valentines Day. Do your experiences in comments below.
Have a great weekend and Happy Valentines Day.
PS: Don’t miss out on Valentine’s Day special on the blog

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Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks a lot for reading 🙂


Valentines Day gift ideas for him and her


Hello boys and girls,

Hope you all are having a great romantic week. While one day cannot be enough to express true love and show that you care, it doesn’t harm to celebrate it on 14th February (now I have not known any couple who give each other gifts any day, so please we can stop that discussion right here :P). If you are feeling teeny weeny confused about what to buy, here’s a list to help you out – Valentines Day gifting ideas for him and her.
Just a small caution note, nothing can replace the fact how well you know your partner. This is just an indicative list to help you out. But for a gift to reach the heart, think what can bring a smile to your partner’s face and what suits your pocket and then choose something best suited from this list 🙂

Valentines Day gift ideas for her

1. Mushy gifts aka Gifts from Archies
Clichés are clichés for a reason. If your girl watches DDLG and Pretty Woman countless number of times, you better get this one right 😉 She would have expectations no matter what she says. Also, IT IS feel good gift 😀 But better pair them up with something else on the list 😛



2. Apple watch
You would ask why just Apple Watch? Well honestly guys, I know most of the times our wavelengths don’t match when it comes to design sense, so I just wanted to save you from hassle of returns. Gift something that is standard and be sorted 🙂


3. Candle-lit dinner at home
One of the best surprises, candle-lit dinner at home has an appeal incomparable to others. You are in complete charge of music, lighting and food. If you can cook, then do prepare your partner’s favorite dish (please stay away from experiments this night as we don’t want any accidents, you can always go for home delivery :P)


4. Lingerie
Ahem Ahem…this one is personal and oh so romantic! Won’t elaborate, but just go to 😉

5. Precious jewelry
Don’t even think of buying imitation jewelry. Chances are she already has (we all do) boxes full of those. So you wanna gift something that stands out. For pocket friendly option, opt for sterling silver jewelry. LeCalla is one such online store where you can buy good jewelry (you can personalize it also or choose some with hearts!).


6. Kindle
This one is for book lovers. This is one practical and useful gift and will earn you full marks on thoughtfulness too 😉


7. Victoria Secret gift set
They make some great mists and body creams and there is no way your girl wouldn’t like it.


8. Scarf
A silk scarf never goes out of fashion and neither will gifting it. Choose the one that suit her style and skin tone.



9. Wine
This one is for those girls who appreciate the taste of wine. A cute red bow on the neck of bottle will be nice touch!



10. Clothes
Ideally I wouldn’t suggest to gift clothes as the fit, size and style are difficult to judge for someone else. But if you must, go for online options or brands such as Zara and Marks & Spencer that give you full refund so there could be some damage control in case she doesn’t like it (which has high probability most cases).

Valentines day gifts for him

1. Trip
This year, Valentines Day is on Sunday and this is an opportunity you should not let go. Book a nice resort or getaway close to the city and enjoy the peace and togetherness.



2. Bar set with champagne
A great gift to kick-start the evening in right direction.



3. Leather laptop bag
It is thoughtful gift for those whose nature of work require them to carry laptop every day. Da Milano, Hidesign have good range. However, if you feel like splurging you can opt for Mont Blanc, Hugo Boss and Tumi.



4. Watch
One of the few accessories (approved by us of course) worn by men, this had to make to the list. But make sure that instead of designer brands (Guess, Armani etc.) you pick the traditional watchmakers such as Tag Heuer, Omega, Seiko and Longines as these are more preferred by men.



5. Xbox
Though it will put a dent in your bank, there’s no better gift for a guy who loves gaming. But do so only if you like playing with him too, or else be prepared to see him spending more time with it than you 😉


6. Iphone 6s or Samsung S6 edge
Most guys love gadgets and they love to have the latest one. Pick the one depending upon which clan (anti or pro Apple) he belongs to.




7. Music system or Speakers
You can go as far as your budget allows in this category. Sony, JBL, Senneiser, Beats and Bose are few companies to look for.



8. Spectacles or sunglasses
I find that spectacles and sunglasses can change the entire look of a guy. Choose one that will suit his face type and overall style.



9. Pen
This is one of my favorite gifts. Classic yet appealing, this gift stays close to heart and makes you think about the giver whenever you use it. What more can a girl ask for 🙂 You can take your pick from Mont Blanc, Waterman, Sheaffer and Cross.

Source: www.

10. Belt
A formal, nice belt completes the attire for man. A simple, classy style that can go well with work wear would be a good option.


Hope you like the list. Do let me know what you are planning to gift to your partner in comments below!


Cover pic source:

Peppertap App Review: A busy couples best friend


Hello everyone!

We love to do everything on our phone these days- read news, shop, track our health and even house hunting! Even so, the last thing I thought I would be doing on phone was my buying grocery. Reason? Coz I always like my veggies and fruits to be super fresh. Also, same day delivery might not be enough when I run out of tomatoes in my kitchen (I use a LOT of them every day) But PepperTap has come to fore with a helping hand! It is available on both Android and IOS. Whenever I stumble upon something that I feel would be useful to you guys as well, I dont hesitate to share. So heres PepperTap app review.

The first thing I look for in an online service is delivery. Peppertap delivers in only 2 hours! That too for free, for orders worth more than INR 350 (else, INR50 is charged for delivery). At the checkout, one can choose the delivery time as per requirement. It gives the option of delivery within two hours, a later slot on same day or next day. This ensures that I get delivery at the time I am available at home.
PepperTap has tie-ups with local stores so it does offer a huge variety. It is like one stop option for daily routine requirements. It has everything from spices, oils to personal care products and even the OTC medicines. New mothers will find the availability of baby care products and baby food very convenient. Since all the products are available under one roof (or rather in one app!), it has saved me a lot of time recently. This has made time I spent running around in local market available for relaxed walks in park instead.

The products are available at discounted prices which is a bonus. Almost all products are offered at prices less than the MRP. Further on, one gets a 15% discount on the first purchase on the app.


I am one of those lazy people who does not write down the empties and forgetful enough to forget them later. But the easy user interface of app remind me of all I wanted to buy. The categories are carefully divided into dairy, breakfast, cooking essentials, beverages, instant foods, health and beauty, home supplies and utilities, baby care, fruits and vegetables. Navigating through these categories is quite easy and makes sure that you buy everything you need.



Quality and freshness of food delivered is another important factor that I consider. Many a times I have noticed that products that I have ordered online have expiry date which is not far. But this was not the case when I used PepperTap app. All the things that I ordered where packaged separately and neatly in PepperTap bags. Since they source from best local stores in an area, freshness of fruits and vegetables is ensured. They also sometimes have offers such as Lazy Sunday when they delivered chopped fruits and vegetables (I know that feeling girlfriends…no chopping :D)


Currently, the app provides services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mohali, Nagpur, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Panchkula, Pune, Surat, Thane, Vadodara, and Vishakhapatnam. If you stay in any of these cities then enjoy trouble free grocery shopping.
Have you used PepperTap App? Dont forget to share your experience with me!


New Year giveaway winners LeCalla & Fashionmuses


Hello everyone! Happy Monday

The New Year Giveaway by LeCalla and Fashionmuses came to an end yesterday. I want to thank you all for participating and showing the enthusiasm. We received more than 250 entries. We have our two lucky winners with us! Giving them a virtual hand everyone (Drum roll please)!

And the lucky winners are Charu Johar Suri on Facebook and neha8987 on Instagram!
Congratulations girls! Hope you enjoy these earrings and love them as much as I do.




PS: Did you notice the new look of the blog? Do you like it or you prefer the old clean look? Don’t forget to let me know in comments below 🙂


Get in touch and show some love: Instagram shruti.fashionmuses
Twitter Fashion_Muses

Happy new year


Happy New Year guys!

Here’s wishing you all a great year ahead! I hope this year all your dreams come true 🙂 To kick-start the year on a high, I am bringing to you first giveaway on Fashion Muses, courtesy LeCalla , premium online destination for Sterling Silver and Fashion Jewelry. I love LeCalla designs as they are made from sterling silver and are designed for today’s modern women (you can see how I styled their jewelry here and here). They have great collections for everyday-wear, office-wear, and party-wear and also something to satiate the boho in you 🙂 Do check out their collections here.

As your new year present, we are giving away one of their best seller, ‘All the Rage Hoop Earrings’ worth INR2,450. I have been loving wearing these and thought it would be the perfect gift for you guys 🙂 You can enter the giveaway on Facebook and Instagram.








Rules to enter this giveaway are fairly simple:
1. Like Fashionmuses and LeCalla on Facebook or on Instagram (shruti.fashionmuses and LeCalla).
2. Tag five of your fashionable friends in the comments.
3. Last date to enter is 17th January 2016. Winners will be announced on 18th January 2016.
4. One winner each on Facebook and Instagram will receive these gorgeous hoops.
(Note: To be eligible, participant must be resident of India)
So what are you thinking girls? Hurry up and start commenting 😀


Sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye


Karvachauth outfit

Hello lovelies, How was your weekend? Festive season is in full swing and I had a great time celebrating Karvachauth and Halloween in one go 😛 This is that time of the year again when you take out all those pretty elaborate Indian dresses out from your closet. Anarkalis are still around; however, dresses with different silhouettes and lengths are more in trend these days. Rich fabrics such as raw silk, chiffons and georgettes win over net for me. Radhika and I thought that it would be a refreshing change to blog about Indian outfits this week starting with Karvachauth outfit.

Karvachauth is celebrated for husband’s long and healthy life in various ways among different ethnic groups. In Punjabi culture, we have “Sargi” in morning before the sun rises and then observe a fast with no food or water. For pooja, ladies sit in a circle and recite the story. And then we open the fast after seeing the moon and dear husband at night. Traditionally it’s observed by women but my husband was sweet enough to keep one for me 🙂 I think it makes sense, after all he’ll be bored if I am not around…right? 😛

I celebrated the day with my bhabhis and we all wore dressy Indian wear. It’s that time when women love to dress up for their husband, in classic traditional look. I wore a pretty pink dress on Karvachauth which was a slightly modern take on suit.

On this day women usually dress up in pinks, reds and maroons; the Suhag colors. I decided to go with baby pink this time. My suit was more like a flowy gown with attached dupatta and brooch. It was so comfortable that I did not feel tired by wearing it all day. I paired it with matching churis and hand harness for a more traditional look. You must have seen this harness in my work wear post (click here). Its brass but gold plated which gives it fine look. A bindi and some jewelry completed my look.
Here are some pictures from the day





Me and my mother-in-law 🙂
Teen bahuraniyan 😛



Hope you all are having fun this festive season. What is your favorite pick for this season? Do let me know in comments below. Also, check out my devil look which I posted on my Instagram here. Don’t forget to press follow button!

As always, thanks a lot for reading 🙂



Photography: Nidhi Chawla and Mahek Chawla (Thank you so much guys :D)


::Outfit details::

Dress: Shakuntlam
Accessories: Hand harness,, Necklace and earrings: Leading Delhi-based jeweler

Dressing up for work | Pencil pants


Dressing up for work | Pencil pants

Hello girls,

Its Monday again! Before you start feeling blue, sharing a work wear OOTD to cheer you up 🙂 I am the kind of girl who first imagine a dress or a look and then set about to find it (yes, imagine the plight of my poor mom and hubby who have to accompany me for shopping :P). Through experience I can tell you that, it is rare to stumble upon something that is exactly what you wanted. But it happened recently so read on…

If you follow my outfit posts closely, you may have realized that I do not wear statement jewelry often. Reason being, they are quite heavy and are usually off my neck in an hour or so. For daily routine wear, I love to wear delicate pieces that can add touch of elegance to my outfit. Such jewelry also looks great when you have work or meeting, or any place where you want to look polished. But since I am allergic to artificial jewelry, I would buy only gold and was left with little choice (and money!) to have variety in such pieces.

Whenever someone mentioned option of sterling silver jewelry, image of heavy traditional pieces would come to my mind that would go mostly with Indian attire. But then my friend told me about LeCalla, an online silver jewelry store and things changed 🙂 They have great range of fine silver jewelry with modern designs that go with western wear which is scarcely available in India. Just what I wanted 😀 I was happy to note that the prices were affordable too. The fact that it does have a resale value since it is silver does not hurt either. In fact, LeCalla offer lifetime exchange on its products which means I can exchange it in future for a new design! (Certificate was enclosed in the box)

You can imagine that I did not wait long to order my first purchase! Unboxing the product itself was an amazing experience. Packaging is premium too, apt for precious sterling silver jewelry.



The necklace is so pretty and quality so fine, that it took my breath away! I immediately started pairing it in several ways in my mind. The first look, however, was work wear! When I used to work in EY, I always wanted something that could add a subtle charm to my outfit without being too much. So I could not let this go without a work OOTD. For this look, I wore a crepe flowy top to continue with luxe feel and paired it with fitted navy blue pants. Nude heels and a color-block bag completed the look. Since the jewelry is really fine, you can also layer pieces for a stylish look.








You can order of these beauties right here. They also have launch discount of 15%, so don’t forget to check it out this online silver jewelry store! You can also see their latest collection on Facebook and Instagram.
How do you like to dress up for work? Do you like statement jewelry or dainty ones? Let me know in the comments below!

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::Outfit details::

Top, pants: Mango
Shoes: Blue Parrot
Accessories: Necklace, LeCalla (also love this, this and this)

Un-boxing my First FaB Bag


Hi Lovliesss! 🙂

How are you all doing? How was your weekend? After Shruti’s post on her first Envy Box, I am sharing with you my first beauty post! To eliminate the Envy factor after Shruti’s Envy Box, I subscribed for the Fab Bag. Also being good friends, we thought by getting both bags we will have the best of both the worlds.


I was desperately waiting for my first Fab Bag and it was truly Fab. It arrived a little late than expected, but I got to know from the website that the first Fab Bag arrives in 3 weeks and then on it’s in time. Unlike Shruti’s experience with her first beauty box, I was reasonably happy. The maroon glitter Fab Bag for September 2015 marked 3 successful years of this beauty box. The Anniversary special bag contained 6 products for me from poplar brands. The little Fab Post book inside the bag tells all required information on the products contained in the bag. The contents of the bag are:

  1. The Balm Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain
  2. Makeup Revolution Concealer
  3. Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water
  4. Perfume Samples of Raw for Men and Skinn by Titan Celeste for Women
  5. Just Herbs Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir
  6. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Read on for my take on the contents of my Fab Bag…

  1. The Balm Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain priced @ 1200 INR for 8.5 gms


Stainiac was a completely new product for me. It really excited me! It is a gel based hint of tint. The color shade is lighter than it appears in the tube.

  1. Makeup revolution Matte Effect Concealer MC01 priced @ 550 INR

Revolution concealer stick

I had received an email from the Fab Bag team to choose a product for this month. I wanted to try at least 3 of them. But unfortunately the offer was only valid for a single item. Makeup Revolution matte effect concealer was a personal choice. I hardly use concealers. So I had a watch a video of the product on you tube before testing. The concealer stick is matte and creamy at the same time. The shade perfectly suited my skin tone. It covers all imperfections on the face, lightens the brows, hides the pores, removes your dark circles and can also be used for contouring if you are not a make-up expert. A thumbs up for this one!

  1. Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water priced @ 250 INR for 50 ml.

kama Rosewater

The bag contained a full-size bottle of this pure rose water. I love spraying a face freshener after bath every morning. I had always used Dabur Gulabari which was good enough for me as it has been used since ages by my Mom. During winters she always mixed glycerin and rosewater for us to moisturize before going to bed for a soft skin next morning. Kama’s Rosewater smells pure and gives a fresh feel to me each morning nowadays. It can be used as a cleanser (spray and clean the face with cotton pads), as a toner or facial mist. I really liked this product.

  1. Skinn by Titan Celeste for Women and Raw for Men priced @ 990 INR for 50ml.


This was a new brand for me. The bag contained a sample each of Skinn by Titan Celeste for women and Raw for men. I liked the fragrance of theses mini samples. My hubby used the men’s sample and reasonably liked it!

  1. Just Herbs Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir priced @ 985 INR for 12 ml.


The bag contained a full sized bottle night serum from the organic brand- Just Herbs. It helps nourish the tired, aging and pigmented skin. Thme packaging of the product is good enough for a hygiene. I had already finished my night cream and was about to buy a new one. I found this serum that was worth a try. So I am going to use it for the next full month and some to get good results!

6. Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails priced @ 375 INR for 13.3 ml.

Sally Nail paint

I received the Iced mocha frost shade of the Sally Hansen nail paint. The color is cute as it is lighter on a single coat and darken with the double. It is a fresh new shade. I received it as a free gift with a six month Fab Bag subscription.

This is all about the September Fab bag. You can click here for the Fab Bag subscription. I recommend the Fab Bag subscription. I was totally satisfied with the product. The prices are as follows:

Monthly – Rs. 699/-
3 months –  Rs. 533/- per month
One year –  Rs. 399/- per month Plus FREE Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick Ruby

So go and quickly subscribe for your favorite Fab Bag. I will soon post in the October Fab Bag which I received very quick.

Thanks for reading!




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