Top 10 must know monsoon skincare tips

Hola Everyone!! Finally fashionmuses is back at your service with truck loads of new blogs to help you with everyday beauty and lifestyle struggles. First order of business is dealing with monsoon! Check some tips here.

These As much as we love the rains and as much as they relieve us from the scorching heat of the summers, monsoons do bring along quite a few trouble makers. List of trouble makers is surely beheaded by bounteous humidity. This moisture does not only make our faces feel like oil fields but also contribute to making our hair the frizziest it has ever been. If not taken care of, this season can give you a tough time dealing with your skin conditions. Provide too much dryness and your skin will develop dry patches. Provide too much moisture and you are ready to donate oil to the oil fields of Dubai.

Here we are to guide you through the process of achieving just the right balance. Today we bring you Top 10 must know monsoon skin care tips that will be your life savers and will help you achieve a healthy and glowing skin.

Wash your face more frequently

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In summers, where you could get through by washing your face twice a day, monsoons demand a little more time. Wash your face thrice a day in order to get rid of all the oil and dirt stuck to your face that might clog your pores. Washing your face more than three times can strip off all the natural oil and force the oil glands to produce even more oils. Therefore it is ideal to wash your face with not a very harsh cleanser thrice a day.

Exfoliate religiously

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Exfoliation can prove to be a boon if done right. Every single night exfoliate gently after using a mild cleanser. Double cleaning is also an integral part of the korean beauty regime. Using mild exfoliators and cleansers provide just the right amount of cleansing without damaging the skin.

Toner is your best friend

Use a toner after every wash as it helps close the pores. It helps not only prevent clogging of pores but also stops your face from looking like a grease ball. Market is full of toners from tonnes of brands, but to save a few bucks, use your very own rose water as a toner.

Moisturization is the key to glowing skin

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Be it summer, winter or monsoon moisturiser should never be skipped. Using gel based moisturisers is ideal for monsoons as even driest of skins tend to turn oily in this season. For keeping oil at bay, applying a moisturiser is necessary as it prevents the oil glands from producing extra oil.

Sunscreen is must

Sun or no sun, using a sunscreen is a must. It not only helps prevent pigmentation but also prevents premature aging. UV rays are present in the atmosphere and can reach us even from the TV screens and laptops. Therefore protecting your skin from harmful rays in the environment is necessary.

Avoid makeup

Avoiding heavy makeup in monsoon helps prevent clogged pores and also allows the skin to breathe. Layering skin with makeup often makes the skin dry leading to production of oils and sebum. Which in turn makes the face appear like a shiny disco ball.

Mud masks at night

A 10 min mud mask helps detoxify the skin and get rid of the unwanted gunk. These can be easily bought from the market or made at home using bentonite clay or fuller’s earth.

Avoid overnight hair oiling

Excess moisture make the hair more prone to breakage and skin more prone to acne. Therefore one should avoid oiling hair at night or using heavy treatments overnight as it may lead to acne near the forehead. Oiling an hour before washing can be considered optimum.

Regular hair washes

Moisture often causes dandruff that sticks to the scalp and becomes the primary cause of acne and whiteheads. Do not be lazy to keep your hair greasy for days else it might lead to dandruff and acne. Ensure that you keep your scalp clean and dirt free.

Drink plenty of water

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Monsoons make us sweat a lot in the humid climate, leading to loss of water from the body. It is necessary to ensure optimum intake of water to prevent dull and dehydrated skin. These were our top tips for enjoying the rains without any worries about your skin. Keep all the troubles at bay by following these simple tips and you are good to go. Explore more skin care tips to be your best beautiful all year long at


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