Top 10 liquid lipsticks you can buy in India

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As a kid I was never fond of lipsticks, but always loved playing around with my mum’s lip glosses. I used to wish that someone converts those lipsticks into glosses and my wish came true..hehe. Liquid lipsticks are such a rage these days and almost every single brand is coming out with their own collection of liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks are at times so drying and might not be everybody’s cup of tea. So today I’ll be mentioning some of the most amazing liquid lipsticks that you can buy in India and would love.

Liquid lipsticks are great if you’re after gorgeous hit of dramatic, intense color. They also tend to have long lasting formulas and are great if you hate touching up your makeup. Girls let just dive in..

Colorbar haute latte



Colorbar haute latte is one of my absolute favourite lipsticks, this is the kiss proof lipstain in no. 007. I love this particular shade so much and it looks good on everybody..literally everybody. This is a matte formula and is a little drying so would recommend using a chapstick before application. It is highly pigmented and sets very quickly. I personally would recommend the entire range as it consists of some beautiful shades.

Revlon Matte HD Lipstick in Seduction



Next up is this beautiful lipstick from Revlon and this particular shade is a very toned down pinky nude shade and I love its sleek packaging as well. This lipstick has an amazing formula, quite silky and smooth and surprisingly quite hydrating on the lips as well. It gives a very beautiful non patchy finish and gives a perfect my lips but better sort of a look.

Chambor Xtreme Wear Lipstick


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My next recommendation is from Chambor and this is their extreme wear transfer proof lipstick and my particular favourite shades are no. 481 and no. 432. They have a huge collection of shades and you can definitely find one shade that you would love. They last really long but just have a downside that they can take some time to dry but apart from that they are really good.



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MUA LUXE VELVET LIP LACQUER in my opinion are perfect dupes for the Anastasia Beverly Hills lipsticks. Their color selection is amazing and covers almost all zones. These are highly pigmented and a single swipe would be enough to get an opaque application without looking patchy at all.

Bharat & Dorris Retro Lip Gloss



This liquid lipstick by Bharat & Dorris is a very impressive one when it comes to longivity. Among all the mentioned lipsticks it is by far the most long lasting one. But this one needs some touch ups because it tends to move from the inner side of the lips and can look a little patchy. If you are comfortable with touching up your makeup, this is a really good choice.

NYX Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick



These are really really beautiful formulawise, they are very soft and pigmented. These set matte on the lips without drying your lips. These are also quite easily available since they have opened up a number of stores and are also available on nykaa. The range is huge and also the first liquid lipstick that I fell for.

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lipstick



While talking about liquid lipsticks I cannot miss these. Miss Claire ones are surely the cheapest ones in the list and are perfect dupes to NYX ones. Formulationwise, every aspect these are just like NYX liquid lipsticks and I really adore them.

In Colour Matte Me Lipstick



These liquid lipsticks are really really drying but their colour selection is so amazing that you would want to use them. Just use a good lip balm and exfoliate your lips nicely and you will be good to rock these amazing shades. They are very affordable and do have a really nice texture.

Diana of London 2000 Kisses



Next up are the Diana of London 2000 Kisses lipsticks. They are very matte and very very long lasting. These are also the most pigmented lipsticks you will find in the entire market. The only thing that can bug some of you can be the perfume kind of smell that they have but it generally goes away after a while so that is quite nice as well.

La Girl Flat Finish Gloss



This is a range I like purely for its color selection. These are just for 100 bucks and do work according to the price paid. The formulation is very drying but anything can be used if used the right way.

Liquid lipsticks are an intriguing product but to get the full benefit you need to take good care of your lips. Exfoliate them regularly and use good lip balms to keep them hydrated. Hope this post helps you find some amazing liquid lipsticks and makes you groove to the trend.



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