Sandbagging? Yep, It’s The Make-Up Technique Kim Loves <3

Here’s how to get selfie-ready skin….try Sandbagging! Its the new Kardashian make-up craze in town – a ten-minute trick stars such as Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora are using for flawless, gorgeous looking skin.

So what exactly is sandbagging? Is it just another name for baking? I know many people who are hearing about sandbagging have this question in their mind, so let me explain it in simple terms. Sandbagging (coined by Kim’s genius make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic) is pretty much baking, but for a different reason and much longer (atleast 10 minutes)! If you think about how people use sandbags to create a dam and stop water flooding through, that’s pretty much what you’re trying to do with your make-up.

Sandbagging is the technique of applying loose powder over the top of your concealer under the eyes and around the lips. It’s important to get really close to the waterline of your eye for this technique! Leave the powder in a thick layer, then dust off after around 10 minutes.

This will help you hold you eye makeup in place and avoid that dreaded kohl smudge! Whats even better is that the only ingredients you need are concealer and powder. Woop! The ten-minute wait time is crucial for the baking process so set your stoptwatch!  Drag queens are already familiar with the technique – the community has been face baking for years to ensure their make-up survives under hot lights.

You just need translucent powder and concealer to achieve this makeup trend. I really like Laura Mercier’s loose powder for sandbagging under my skin. You can also try Baby powder if you want a more convenient.

Here’s our how to do Sandbagging:

  • Apply a cream concealer under your eyes, blending up and out and over your cheekbones using a damp sponge  (beauty blenders are great for this) to iron out any creases.
  • Add translucent powder generously to sit directly on top of the concealer for ten minutes.
  • Dust off with a fluffy brush to reveal flawless skin.
  • If your skin still looks chalky, lightly dust a tinted powder on top.

This is how Kim Kardashian gets her selfie ready flawless skin.

kim-kardashian-sandbagging2.pic 2
Also, keen face bakers and sandbaggers are using the technique to mask dark circles and under-eye bags but you can also use it on your forehead and chin.
sandbagging pic 4

Whilst you might not consider your kitchen cupboard to be a makeup mecca, we’ve discovered that cornstarch offers the same benefits – and creates an identical effect – as a traditional powder. Simply apply like you would your favourite baking product, allow to set, and then gently brush away. This kitchen essential absorbs oil, brightens skin, and keeps things matte ALL day. It sounds crazy, but it really works!

Our one piece of advice – be mindful if you are prone to sensitivity, as cornstarch may cause irritation. If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a go!

sandbagging pic 5

Also, if you are not big fan of heavy makeup and don’t wear heavy makeup then this might not be for you, but the plus point is with this trick there will be no reapplication of makeup.

So, Ready, set, BAKE…

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