Hair and skin care tips for monsoon!

Hello! Monsoons have hit Delhi and have given respite from the much needed scorching heat. While the previous post talked about monsoon fashion, it’s even more important to save yourself from the various problems that plague your skin and hair. So let us start with the difficulties our tresses face!


The rains have a very bad effect on our hair. Delhi rains are interspersed with pollutants, and acid rains are common. These, when they fall on the hair cause hairfall! The high humidity in the air leads to frizzy hair and increased dandruff in the scalp. Hence ladies, it’s so important to take special care of those gorgeous locks! Read on for some easy tips :

I. ALWAYS shampoo your hair after getting wet in the rain. Most people tend to simply use a towel to dry their hair after that rain dance, but that’s the worst thing you can do. It doesn’t remove all the chemicals your hair had to endure coz of that encouter with the rain. Thus your hair are contaminated. Please, ALWAYS shampoo your hair after getting wet in the rain. Use a mild shampoo, like this Himalaya baby shampoo and using a conditioner after that is a must. Switch to a good oxygen providing conditioner, like the Dove oxygen moisture conditioner for perfect results!

II. Include protein in your diet. Proteins are essential for all parts of the body, but specifically so for your hair. They’re vital nutrients for strong hair and hence increase the intake of eggs, spinach, pulses,kidney beans for strength in your locks.

III. Avoid keeping your hair open. This may seem to be a turnoff, but it’s required to protect your hair from the humidity and microbes. Tie them in a neat bun or try out those adorable braids for a stylish look! The dutch braid is SO IN these days and both long and short hair can try it. See the Dutch braid tutorial here!


The skin are also very itchy and acne prone in this season due to the microbes and humidity. Hence follow these tips to take care of your skin :

I. Wash your face at least 2 3 times a day. During the rains, dirt and pollutants tend to clog your pores and hence a good face wash like this one from Lakme is essential to clean your face.

II. Always tone your skin after washing it to restore the pH of the skin and keep it free from bacteria. Be specific about an alcohol free toner to keep the moisture in your face intact. I recommend the Lakme absolute pore fix toner for excellent cleansing.

III. Exfoliating your skin needs to be done atleast thrice a week to remove all the stubborn dirt particles that settle in. Use the Himalaya exfoliating cream to remove that dead skin layer and reveal radiant skin underneath! Do remember to moisturise your skin after exfoliation.

IV. NEVER SKIP SUNSCREEN. I wrote that in bold because most people do this. When the rain comes, the weather cools down and we conveniently stash our sunscreen back into the drawer. But this is a big mistake. The dropping of mercury doesn’t imply that harmful UV rays of the sun arent present in the atmosphere. Hence, always dab that sun screen for complete protection from invisible evils.

V. Waxing, pedicure, manicure and skin spas are extra pampering you can give to your skin!

VI. Makeup is a big turnoff during the damp season. However, if it is a must, go for light coverage CC creams which don’t look extra. The Lakme CC cream gives you luminous skin, which looks perfect. So do skip your daily makeup routine. A lot of waterproof kajals/eyeliners are available. Skip your gel liner for a pencil one to avoid vampire eyes 😛

If you’re a foundation freak, skip the liquid ones and use powder foundations if you don’t want to take the risk of looking like a disaster. For the rest, Lakme has a brilliant waterproof range so go for that!

Last, but not the least, remember to eat plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. ?

And nevertheless, do enjoy that rain dance and let your hair down, keeping all worries at bay!




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