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Wedding season has begun and there is no party look without make-up! Even if you don’t like makeup, natural even-toned skin is always beautiful. Most of us spend a lot of time working on laptops, browsing on smartphones which has taken a toll on eyes. I have huge dark circles underneath my eyes that make me look tired and unwell. Although I would love them to just vanish away for forever, until the time God listen to my prayers, makeup is my best friend 😀

However, whenever I used to apply concealers to conceal dark circles, they would turn grey or ashy instead of looking natural. I read hundreds of articles and watched thousands videos to find the perfect way to make these devils disappear. But I have finally figured out my holy grail method which I want to share with you guys as dark circles are pretty common problem among Indian girls and I thought this would help. So here is step-by-step tutorial:

Things required:

Good quality liquid/cream concealer, I find liquid concealers easier to blend – I am using MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in shade NC35
Cream-based orange corrector, darker the under eye circles, deeper the orange shade – I am using Derma Color camouflage creme D34)
Concealer brush, this is optional, you can use fingers as well – Kryolan concealer brush
Compact powder, a shade lighter than skin tone – I am using Maybelline Clear glow powder in Light)


Step 1:
Prep your eyes with an eye cream so that the area is moisturized. Let it sink in for about 5-6 mins. Apply the orange corrector on only the areas where you have dark lines. It’s important to apply this corrector to specific areas which is dark as the orange will neutralize the darkness. To see such lines clearly, look straight ahead and then down in mirror. This will help you to figure out area where you need to put corrector.


Step 2:
Pat the corrector gently with ring finger so that it starts to get diffused but still stay in place. Keep on patting the corrector until it’s completely blended. Remember not to use swiping motion, else it would leave marks and lines.


Step 3:
Now, apply your concealer to entire under eye area. You can use a shade lighter than your foundation to highlight this area. You can apply it just on the under eye area or take it down a little bit it in an inverted V-shape for complete look. I also put some on my lid as it provides a clean base for eye shadow and prime the lids. If you have stubborn dark circles like I do, it’s better to choose a peachy concealer as it would further neutralize the dark color. After that, use a wet sponge or wet stippling brush to blend this concealer gently. Use light hand and keep patting it in.



Step 4:

Once it’s completely blended, use your finger to apply pressed or compact powder. I prefer compact over loose powder as this way I can control the area where I am applying the powder and the texture is more even. Use a lighter shade of powder as it helps in highlighting the area further.


Voila! Dark circles are gone 😀 Here’s the before and after.


Step 5:
You will notice that your eyes look much smaller. Do not panic! Just apply any taupe or brown eye shadow underneath the eye. You can even use Kohl pencil and smudge it a little. This helps in framing eyes again. Complete the look with any eye-shadow, liner and mascara.
If you have small eyes such as mine; eye-liner, kohl and mascara becomes necessary once you apply concealer. But if you have big eyes, you can skip some of it.


And this is the final look (for full post on this outfit, click here)

Hope this post is useful to you guys. In case you have any doubts or queries, do not hesitate to ask in comments below! You can also post your questions on my Instagram profile here.
Thanks a lot for reading 🙂


  1. I have severe dark circles too and I always use a corrector. I tried peach correctors but it didn’t work. Now I am use orange correctors from Kryolan and it is working nicely with any concealer.


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