The real girls guide to gorgeous braids

There are so many different plaits out there, and we admit we can only do half of them. Braids are amazing and they are in different variations. Remember when you are in a rush and want to still look presentable, well braids is the perfect option to go for. Not only does it make you look polished in an instant, it conceals a bad hair day like a charm. Wondering how to braid your hair? Here’s a quick step-wise guide to achieving that perfect braids and how to pair them with your outfits.

Rope braid

Rope braids are perfect for college going girls, as it is really easy, can be done in like 2 minutes and is the best option when you want your hair to be pulled back and still look cute. To achieve a rope braid all you gotta do is first put your hair into a ponytail and create two sections, and twist each one in the same direction. Then, cross the two sections over each other and secure it at the ends with an elastic band and you’re done. Pair this up with your daily casual easy going outfits such as a plain top and jeans and you are good to go.

Snake braid

Snake braids are really easy and quick to do when you’re in a rush. It just makes your boring everyday look into something different and interesting, once got the hang of it. You can pair snake braid with pretty much anything. A nice flowy blouse and throw on a pair of comfortable pair of jeans, also this will look good with jumpsuits.

Dutch braid

The dutch braid is an inside-out plait anchored to the head. Think of it as a french braid exposed! The finished look creates a plait that sits on top of the hair. Dutch braid is so versatile and looks so pretty, simple, and classy. You can pair dutch braid with some of your layering pieces such as a nice pair of denim jacket or leather jacket or also maybe a nice pretty top or a crop top will look amazing with dutch braid.

Fishtail braid

Lets agree to this fishtail braid is something which looks very difficult to achieve and something we all girls run away from but, trust me guys once you practice this two to three times I promise this wouldn’t be something you will run away from. This braid again is so classy and would never go out of style according to me. You can also achieve many looks and can do this braid in different methods which even suits you. Pair this braid up with a nice pretty summer dress and you are ready to take over the world gurl!

Milkmaid braid

A milkmaid braid may look complicated, but really it’s just pinned-up pigtails. This updo can be dressed up for a formal event or made casual with a pair of cut-off shorts. The key to making it chic is the face-framing fringe! Pair this up with a nice evening gown or you can also pair it down with ribbed jeans and a basic tee.

Waterfall braid

The waterfall plait is the most romantic girly braid. To achieve waterfall braid create a center part and french braid from the right side of the part to your temple. Then, holding the three strands, continue French braiding but drop the outermost section of the braid that you would normally cross over letting it fall, thus creating the waterfall effect. You can pair this up and down. It looks amazing with your prom dress or simple skater  dresses or even with a pair of jeans and tee.

Five strand braid

Five strand braids are something which I spot a lot on instagram and on youtubers a lot. Its the perfect bohemian braid for this season. Although its a little time consuming and a little tough to do but, I bet you guys the end result is worth all the pain. Pair this up with pretty little dress or even an evening would look amazing. Also to make it look more bohemian you can also add small flowers in the braid randomly.

Skeleton braid

Skeleton braid is something interesting to try. It looks amazing with workout clothes and just gives you that chic bold look. Pair this up with some loose t-shirt and joggers and you are ready to hit the gym. As it keeps hair away from your face, its an ideal one to sport in summers.

Hope you guys find this article helpful! Try these different braids and I am sure you will love the change 🙂 Let us know which braid you like the most and how will you style them up this season.


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