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Hola guys!! Almost all of us have been fascinated by that small makeup bag that our elder sisters or someone or the other in our family have had in their handbags which they take out to do touch ups and stuff. At that time all of us have wanted to have a bag like that and look all fancy shmancy. This post is going to walk you through the essentials of making that beginner’s makeup kit for yourself.

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There are tonnes of videos and blog posts round the globe on the above topic but whenever I have seen them, there has always been at least one product or maybe more sometimes which I do feel are not required at the beginner level. This blog post will help all the young girls who are just starting makeup and are struggling with finding the right combination of products without looking like a hot mess.

Light coverage foundation/ BB cream

For the beginners using a full coverage foundation can be a little hard to manage because then your face will need some contouring and highlighting. As a beginner you don’t want to get into all that. Light coverage foundation will help even out your skin tone and hide some minor imperfections that you may have. BB creams works as a tinted moisturiser and most of them do contain an spf you neither have to worry about moisturiser nor spf.


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For girls suffering with hyper-pigmentation or severe acne might not want to load their entire face with foundation because it can further clog your pores, rather just apply some good coverage concealer on the spots and blemishes you wish to cover.




Face powder/compact

Throughout the day, especially in summers, you will be sweating a lot and to combat the situation a good way is to just apply some face powder on the oily parts of the face and it will help keep things in place.





Kohl suits many eye shapes and can help accentuate your features. It can also be smoked out a little to make lines less harsh and blended.



Sometimes I do feel that at an initial stage even eyeliner is too much because it can take really long for someone to make a straight line. But if practiced eyeliner can really complement your eyes and make them look way better. Using different colours also pep up the entire look.





On some days when you don’t want to do a lot but still want to do that something to look presentable just apply some concealer and mascara with a tinted lip balm and you are good to go.



For parties and fancy dates, blush does make world of a difference. It can be avoided on everyday basis but is a must on special occasions. It just help adds life to your face.



Tinted lip balm

For a casual look or even for everyday use tinted lip balms work well because they help keep your lips moisturised all day long and also add a hint of colour.




Nude lipstick

For girls who are a little afraid of wearing a bold lip(like me) or who just want it to look a little simple and not in your face can just go with a nude lipstick. Every girl needs to take out time and find their perfect nude lipstick that could complement their look.



Bright lipstick

To funk up the look wearing a bright orange/pink can sometimes be a really nice option. Finding the right shade is all that is required.



So guys this was a really small but effective guide for all the lovely people out there. Just remember to always find the right shade of everything which can take time but it pays off well. I hope you all find it helpful but always use makeup to complement your looks and love yourself with all the flaws because there is only one you 😉

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